A total of 99 confirmed cases have been reported in Guangxi, and samples from two confirmed cases have tested positive for omicron virus strain

2022-04-23 0 By

On 4 February, one person was found to be positive in the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test of returnees in Debao County, Baise City, Guangxi.7 afternoon, the reporter from the guangxi zhuang autonomous region COVID learned – 19 epidemic prevention and control the press conference ended February 7, 12, the district has reported the local epidemic, 99 cases of confirmed cases, had occurred in baise, among which 88 were debao county, jingxi city in 5 cases, 3 cases of youjiang area, Tian Yang area in 1 case, 1 case of longlin county, pingguo in 1 case, asymptomatic infection in 1 case,The case occurred in Jiangnan District of Nanning city, and all the positive patients have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation and treatment.Samples from the two confirmed cases tested positive for the omicron virus strain, and genetic testing is under way, the press release said.Source: CCTV news client editor: Huang Xinle proofread: Huang Daiming review: Chen Tianyong CPC Lingshan County Party Committee publicity Department