Many trains on Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway are delayed due to catenary fault.Stranded passengers said the waiting was as hot as a steamer

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According to the China Railway (CRC) Shanghai Bureau Group Co., LTD., some trains on the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway were delayed due to overhead contact network failure caused by local construction work at 9:50 am On February 26. Power supply was restored at 13:02 PM, and train operation order has been gradually restored.Nandu reporters learned from a number of affected passengers, a number of trains delayed, suspended, resulting in a large number of travelers stranded in Shanghai Hongqiao station, passengers admitted that the waiting hall is “as hot as a steamer”, many people did not wait for seats, are directly sitting on the ground.However, by 17 o ‘clock on the 26th, the situation has gradually improved.According to the railway department, the abnormal train operation was caused by the construction of local units. After intensive repair, the upper line gradually resumed operation at 11:40 am, and the order of the upward hangzhou to Shanghai direction train operation has been restored.On a large screen at Shanghai’s Hongqiao railway station, the “status” column for several G-trains has turned into a red “delay undetermined”.Since the morning of The 26th, a large number of unexpected passengers have been stuck in front of ticket gates.Meanwhile, many passengers on later trains ignored the warning and continued to travel at the scheduled time, resulting in a total traffic jam in the lobby.Mr. Xu, a passenger who bought a ticket for G1357, told Nandu reporters that after the fault occurred, he did not receive reminders from the railway or the railway station, nor did the railway staff persuade him to return during the security check, and usually did not search for the news of train suspension on Weibo, so he checked in according to the original plan.”I entered the waiting hall at about 14:15. There were so many people inside, it was boiling hot, AND I had taken off my coat and coat…”What made him even more anxious was that the big screen always showed that the train was “unscheduled” without a specific time, and most stranded passengers could not get orderly guidance at the scene.In this case, many people give up waiting and return home.It was almost dinner time. Mr. Xu, who had a seat in the waiting table, could not get up for dinner in order to keep his seat.He told narada reporter: “Anyway, the people sitting around me have changed for three times, and I am still holding on, because I want to go home.”Some passengers changed their tickets through the information desk and left at around 2 or 3 p.m.A passenger from Shanghai to Hangzhou replied to nandu reporter that he changed his ticket once, waited for three hours, and finally checked in at 16:52.At 17, Mr. Xu also sent a message to reporters: “Get on the car.Fortunately, it was only two hours late and I made it.There was a change on the platform, and the poor man lost his voice…”The situation at the station is gradually improving.A number of passengers interviewed said they understood the delays caused by the accident and hoped to improve the information synchronization mechanism.Reporting and writing: Hou Jingjing, reporter from Nandu