Ruan Jingtian New Year official declared love!Sun and ordinary girlfriend sweet photo, once with Song Zu ‘er gossip

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On Feb 5, actor Ruan Jingtian officially announced his relationship on social media, sparking heated debate.Ruan posted a photo with his girlfriend in which they cuddle with their heads.Ruan Jingtian cummer long hair is fluttering, wearing light makeup on the face, although the eye was hit Mosaic, but temperament is outstanding, give a person a kind of very tender feeling, presumably appearance level is not low.Ruan, 39, captioned the picture: “We have new hopes for the New Year. She is an ordinary girl. I hope you can give us a little space to get to know each other.This shows, ruan Jingtian and cummer know the time is not long, two people are still in the phase of mutual understanding.The girl should be a plain person, otherwise Ruan Jingtian will not Mosaic in the photo.Ruan jingtian did not reveal much about how they met and the woman’s personal information.As we all know, Ruan Jingtian is a well-known actor in Taiwan. In his early years, he was known to the public through the TV series “Destined to love You”, “Green Light Forest”, “Loser Dog Queen” and other works, and also has a great popularity in the mainland.He had a successful career and a wonderful relationship.In his early years, Ruan was known as a “playboy”, often exposing a variety of scandals, but he rarely responded to emotional matters, thus giving the public a “cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man” image.He also had an eight-year relationship with Hui Wei-ning, but they never got married.After ruan jingtian and Song Zu ‘er spread rumors, although the two strongly deny, but still difficult to eliminate the public speculation.I didn’t expect him to announce their relationship in the New Year.Anyway, wish Ruan Jingtian and girlfriend can feel sweet, look forward to their more good news.# 39-year-old male star revealed love #, # man image of cheating and playing with women’s feelings #, # Gossip with Song Zuer #