SAN Antonio buys Dragic!Will the lone Ranger get his dream?The Lakers are not competitive.

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Dragic’s fate is closely watched by many, as he is one of the few point guards on the market with sixth-man ability.But in the offseason after being traded to the raptors, Toronto has no plan to buy out his, SJMS WuJieLi wants to use him for some valuable chip, the entire season ji Della for the raptors played five games, a lot of people think that he will be traded to a team with title, strength, but the raptors with him for the Yang.The spurs as a rebuilding team, they have no reason to retain the diss Yang such capabilities, but they also didn’t make sense to leave la ji, sure enough, the spurs announced that will work and ji Della buyout, receiving the news came out, a lot of teams come to, after all, after the market closed, he is probably the biggest point guard,How much gas does Dragic have left in his tank?In his five games for the Raptors, he averaged just eight points and 2.8 rebounds per game, and many thought he was no longer a sixth-man player, but the fact that he was only playing 16 minutes per game as part of the raptors’ effort to train up their young players was the same as the season before,He averaged 13.4 points and 4.4 assists per game off the heat’s bench, and 19.1 points per game was the only FIG leaf for the Heat in the playoffs last season when Caron Butler imploded. How could he have dropped so much in one summer?Then this season’s Schroder is the best comparison.The Mavericks and Dragic have been flirting for a long time. Dragic was a strong possibility to join the Mavericks, but when the Mavericks traded Porzingis for Dinwiddie at the trade deadline, did his functions overlap with Dragic’s?Maybe the Mavericks don’t need Dragic so much anymore.The only other team in need of a point guard is the Lakers, who didn’t make any moves at the deadline. The buyout market is their last chance, but the Lakers’ reputation is not undeserved, and they could end up with nothing.DE la ji as an international player, he has made brilliant achievement, enough and east euro’s notice, also once was the all-star, his career if we can add a championship trophy that is perfect, hope he can thoroughly consider themselves joining choice, his career has been a few years, for his final waste heat to win a ring for myself!