The Ukraine crisis, the United States wants to drag China into it: there are two hidden motives

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This article from: China well-off network on January 26, spoke on the phone, head of the between the two foreign ministries of China and the United States, although both sides of the conversation key issues mainly china-us relations, but the phone is held in Ukraine under the background of the crisis is still not, how can China and the United States said Ukraine issue became one of the focus of attention.A day after the call, U.S. Undersecretary of State for political Affairs Victoria Nuland said at a regular briefing that the United States was calling on Beijing to use its influence with Moscow to advance diplomacy “because it would not be in China’s interest if there were a conflict in Ukraine.””It will have a major impact on the global economy, and it will have a major impact on the energy sector,” she added.This is interesting. The US has been so aggressive that it has strained relations with Russia, but now it wants China to intervene.Was the ultimate purpose of the us initiative and China’s “promise” phone call to get China to clean up the mess?After all, China, the United States and Russia are all big countries. But if the United States asks for help from others, why should China help you?We review the recent afraid will find between the us and Russia, from America’s point of view, in addition to direct presence in Ukraine, the United States has been all the way to make that, but since the phone calls to China began to hype “China should help”, after that Ukraine this matter ah, the United States make uncertain, it is proud of “the American model” failed again.But we consider the slightly, you will find the United States of the dominating thoughts behind very rebellious scheme, the first is transfer contradiction, pull the water, because the us is called on China to “influence” to persuade Russia, but the actual is want China to persuade Russia according to the plan to set in the United States, and that set of solution has been with Russia refused countless times for a long time.The second is to drive a wedge between China and Russia.As long as China responds, it will create an atmosphere that China and the United States stand together on Ukraine.If China does not help the United States, the United States also wants to force China not to stand with Russia in advance through this kind of public opinion.However, these “wishful thinking” of the United States is obviously unlikely to succeed.The contradiction between Russia and NATO is a matter of international order, China as the largest country in the world, as a permanent seat on the UN security council, first consider the is a basic norms of international law, international relations, under this premise, China is opposed to war, oppose the unlimited expansion of NATO, the United States wants to unilaterally safe.China has always stood on the side of international justice. It will not work for the US to force China to “pick sides”.On January 28, U.S. Defense Secretary Austin said at a press conference that Russia’s deployment of troops along the Ukrainian border is large enough to give President Vladimir Putin the full range of military options, including a near-full-scale invasion.Speaking at the same news conference, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff David Milley said Russian forces could conduct cyber and electronic warfare in addition to air, land and sea attacks on Ukraine, but would face heavy casualties if they chose to invade.In plain English, the United States claim to find ways to resolve the diplomatic crisis, but it never stopped in “GongHuo” crisis, Ukraine and the United States is so persistent selling “Russian threat theory”, or trying to repackage and communities in the European Union and NATO, especially in eastern Europe, the “new Europe”, to serve America’s global interests.Today, However, Washington has finally realized that it can no longer handle Russia on its own with a bunch of unreliable people, so it has to try to turn to China for help.However, although China does not want to see the escalation of conflicts or even the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, what role China will play and to what extent it will play are entirely our own affairs.”The U.S. is unlikely to get China’s support on Ukraine,” glaser Glaser, an expert at the German Marshall Fund, said in a Reuters report on the issue.Beijing won’t endorse the use of force, but it supports Russia’s approach to NATO, and it’s not just about the Winter Olympics, “Derek Grossman, a senior expert on Asia-Pacific policy at the RAND Corporation, said more bluntly:I don’t see much room for U.S. -china cooperation on this issue. The U.S. would have to close the door on future NATO expansion before China would support it, and Blinken has said that’s not going to happen.So if the United States continues to play the role of savior, it needs to be prepared for this diplomatic crisis to turn into a political disaster.Winning and consolidating political support at home and abroad is now Mr. Biden’s real conundrum, as difficult as the Crisis in Ukraine itself.