There is no lack of beauty in the world, only lack of eyes to find beauty

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There are bole in the world, and then there are swift horses.Qianli horse often, and Bole is not often, so although the famous horse, only insult to the hands of slaves, die between the higher, not to thousands of miles.A horse that travels thousands of miles eats or consumes a grain of stone.Those who eat horses do not know that they can eat for thousands of miles;Is the horse, although there are thousands of miles of energy, not enough to eat, strength is insufficient, only the United States is not seen, and to often horse can not get, Ann to its thousands of miles also?The policy is not to its way, the food can not do its ability, Ming and can not pass its meaning, the policy and said: “there is no horse!”Song shout!Is it really innocent?Its true don’t know horse also!In the world there is bole first, and then to discover the swift horse.Although there were a lot of good horses, they could only live in the hands of mang. One by one, they died sulkily in the stables, burying their reputation as a swift horse.A good horse that can travel thousands of miles needs a stone of grain for a full meal.But those who feed the horses do not know that they can travel thousands of miles a day, and feed them in the same class as every other horse.Pity those good horses, although they have the ability to travel thousands of miles in a day, but because of lack of food, lack of strength, all the ability can not reflect, even compared with other horses have a gap, how can expect it to travel thousands of miles in a day?When the horse is well controlled, it cannot conform to the rules. When feeding, it cannot provide according to its talent. When commanding, it does not understand its meaning at all.Oh dear!Is there really no swift horse?Or is it true that you can’t identify a swift horse?!The article uses the metaphor of “thousand-li horse” to describe a talented person, and the metaphor of “Bole” to describe a person who can find and employ talents.A horse eater is a person who hides talent.The world needs a Bole first, and then a thousand-li horse, a thousand-li horse often, but bole is not often.To find talent, and care for talent, otherwise, talent will be buried, delayed, or even suppressed into a lower level than ordinary people.According to the article, there is no shortage of talent in the world, but of people who find it.