Chen Jingji had three wives at the same time

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(Wish you wish my friends good luck in the New Year, and then into the text.)The last time Chen Jingji was mentioned in , it was in June. Actually, this time is not very accurate.This June is Sun Xuee by Pang Chunmei kicked out of the garrison house, let Xue Sister-in-law sales, into the Xie family restaurant selling time.Pang Chunmei ordered Zhou Shoubei to let Chen Jingji go before Sun Xuee was sold.But it was already March.Experienced during this peace to steal money, Wu Dien counter accuse, Pang Chunmei help, to re tour the west gate mansion, also is twists and turns constantly.We have recounted all of these things, but one wonders: how did Chen Jingji, a useless and unskilled man, spend more than nine months?Chen Jingji had escaped from the garrison house without delay and ran all the way back to Qinghe County.In fact, there has always been a contradiction: Zhou Shoubei fu in Linqing for a while, in qinghe for a while.Judge Chen Jingji case when the garrison government in Linqing;Other than that, the garrison was always at Qinghe.This causes a trouble: Pang Chunmei sent to find Chen Jingji zhang Sheng Li can not find him from beginning to end.Returning to qinghe, Chen Jingji was destitute and kept company with the beggars, begging by day and fighting by night to eke out a living.This day happened to meet the Yang Dalang who had abducted him thousands of taels of silver goods.Yang Dalang used to please Chen Jingji every possible way, since he kidnapped his goods, people disappeared.Chen Jingji also came to look for Yang Dalang, but there was a Yang Erlang at home.Yang Erlang is fiercest than his brother, see Chen Jingji came to the door, not only do not inform Yang Dalang whereabouts, falsely accused him of Yang Dalang harm, in turn to Chen Jingji compensate for his brother’s life.When Chen jingji retorted, Yang Erlang grabbed a piece of tile and cut his own head and face with blood pouring down on Chen.Chen Jingji had never seen such a daredevil before. He rushed home without any of the three souls and six souls of Tiger. He dared not go to Yang’s house to ask for money any more.This time to see Yang Dalang, people have been completely different weather.Yang Dalang wore new clothes and a new hat, rode a silver saddled animal, and was accompanied by the boy. He looked like a rich man.Chen Jingji grabbed the REINS and said, “Brother Yang, I’ve never seen him before.At the mouth of the Qingjiang River, half of my cargo was taken away. You have been very much in good stead today, and I have suffered like this.”Yang Dalang see him now this appearance, not only don’t give, but a horsewhip hit, let the boy push him down, go up a kicking scold way: “measure you this beggar appearance, how can have silver call me cheat go?”Around the crowd of onlookers listen to what he said seems to be reasonable, Chen Jingji tattered clothes really do not like the appearance of money, only think Chen Jingji rogue extortion money, no one to stop, let Yang Dalang straight Chen Jingji hit ‘ow’ strange cry.We are always surprised that Chen Jingji is like a lucky star gathering, and someone always helps us when we need help.This time to help is a called flying ghost Hou Liner.Hollin did not begin, but only spoke. “What do you do with beating this poor boy?He has never offended you, if he has money to give him a few money, no money also just, what do you beat him to do?You also need to know that there are people who see injustice.”Hou Liner had a strong face and a bad tone, so Yang dalang did not dare to offend Chen Jingji and left.Facing Yang Dalang, who stole his money, Chen Jingji had no backbone and no means. His tone was not like debt collection but like begging.Speaking of this Hou Lin er, Chen Jingji is not a stranger;It was Hou Lin who took good care of him when he was in the cold shop.The only condition to be taken care of is Chen Jingji’s ass.Chen Jingji as Hou Liner’s wife for half a winter, since the old wang sent Chen Jingji to Yan Gong Temple, the two were separated;Don’t want to meet Chen Jingji in the street when he is down and out again today.Listening to Chen Jingji talk about all kinds of changes after separation, it doesn’t matter, but Hou Liner a feeling, feeling Chen Jingji’s bad luck.After leading him to eat and drink, he said, “Now I am in charge of 40 or 50 people repairing the Temple of Jalan in Shuiyue Temple outside the city. Why don’t you come with me and don’t ask you to work hard? Carry two baskets of earth every day and rest in my room at night, and I will pay you for your work.My property is in your charge.””He unfastened the key and handed it to Chen jingji.Chen jingji asked, “How long will this project take?””Ten months won’t do it,” Hollin said.Chen jingji liked this and went back with Hou Liner to rest together.Chen jingji is happy for no other reason than that at least for the next ten months he has nothing to worry about but buttocks.People built this, in Fact, in Chinese Buddhism has always been the worship of Guan Yu Guan Er Ye, appear here I really can not think of what meaning in it.Everyone at the construction site knew that Hou Liner was a good man. Seeing Chen Jingji, who was only 24 or 25 years old and had fine features, they all understood his identity as they lay down beside Hou Liner.One after another came to tease him, in this group of vigorous crowd, Chen Jingji’s role positioning actually and a young girl is no different, was taken advantage of all kinds of play!In shuiyue nunnery, there was a tutuo who was in charge of cooking. This tutuo, whose surname was Ye, was illiterate but could recite Buddha’s words and was proficient in mayi xiangshu.Public then smile lane way: “this small fellow is new, you also calculate with him top calculate.”Another said, “We think he is a two-tailed son.”Is the local dialect of Shandong, other places do not know.Instead of saying wei, say yi, two tones;It means that male is not male, female is not female, gender characteristics are not obvious, is abusive words, generally refers to the serious feminine man.The yetou tuo, blind with one eye, looked at Chen Jingji for a long time and said, “I asked him how old he was. Chen jingji replied,” TWENTY-FOUR.”Yip Toutuo shook his head and sighed, “I wonder how you came here the year before last!Your yintang is too narrow, your son is bereaved and your wife is dead, your hanging wall is dim, and your home is broken.Lips don’t cover teeth, life is not recruit;If the nose kitchen door, furniture scattered.This year is sure to be a year of ruin and lawsuits, but has it passed?”Chen Jingji said, “Yes.”Ye Tou Tuo nodded and said, “The roots of your mountain have been cut off. Your grandfather said: No matter how much property your ancestors left in the early years, it has all been dissipated by you.””But the ups and downs are short and the ups and downs are long.In short, your future household plans, like the sun shining frost.In the future you will prosper, and you will have three wives.”The public listened to burst into laughter: “you this head tuo calculate of so forbid, he now not only a wife all have no, still do a wife to others!”Just say, of start work dozen bang bang sound rises, hence one coax but walk…Chen Jingji’s mayi fortune-telling is the last time in the book to calculate the fate of monks, Daoists and sorcerers.The main characters in the book, such as The immortal Wu, the blind thief, the woman who hit the tortoise divination, Pan Daoshi and Huang Zhenzhen, have all been measured one by one. For example, Xi Menqing, Wu Yueniang, Meng Yulou, Pan Jinlian, Li Pinger and others have measured more than once, all of which are extremely accurate, but not for Chen Jingji.Author Jin Xin wonderful pen is not missing, in today to fill up this deficiency.Chen jingji’s good looks and feminine qualities make him;But therefore more women love and help.Ye Tou Tuo’s face is very fine, yintang, lips and teeth, mouth and nose, mountain root, upper stop, middle stop, lower stop and the whole face is all calculated again, yintang, lips and teeth, mouth and nose is very well understood;Just for this fortune telling, will Chen Jingji this handsome boy described what appearance, we say a look in detail: is that his two eyebrows between the area is narrow;Nostril protruding;The nose is flat, the bridge of the nose is not straight enough;Plus, always show your teeth!Here again it’s a division of the face, not the body;The top stop is the area from the eyebrows to the hairline;The middle stop is the area from the eyebrow to the tip of the nose;The stop is the nose down to the chin.That is, a narrow forehead and a long chin;The facial proportions are strange.Such Chen Jingji is about what appearance we can think about, where and handsome still have a little relationship?He’s a standard ugly guy.This fortune-telling is very far-fetched, in order to predict his fate, the author is a little less rigorous.More than that, the Primus thinks there are omissions in the plot, and we’ll wait until we get there.When it comes to Chen Jingji’s prosperity, however, this prosperity is extremely short – such as;It was brief, but it was — three wives at once!Enjoy the blessings of all people.Look at Chen Jingji now tattered clothes, relying on the appearance of selling his body to the same sex, who will be the three wives in the future?We’ll talk about that next time.Please click attention: @Xiaoqi reading  need your support, thank you!Previous article link: “Baihua Jin Ping Mei” link total post, the 1st back to the 231st back, click on direct reading