Danfeng County bureau of Science, Education and Sports “four grasp and four ensure” to promote the county’s high-quality education development

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People often come early in spring, New Year new atmosphere.In the spring of 2022 until the beginning of the semester danfeng county bureau of science and education body forward thinking, grasp early move fast, by emphasizing style of overall planning, consolidation, business training, safety checks, ensure that the New Year work to carry out targeted fresh air, the ecological environment is fine, regular management norms, harmonious and stable campus environment, to promote the development of the county education quality good dirt chess, play ZhuDongZhang.We will make overall plans to ensure that our work is targeted.With regard to the central work of 2022, the Party Leadership group of the BUREAU strengthened overall planning and active planning to ensure that all work is carried out with clear goals and clear thinking.First, systematic thinking and planning.At the end of the last semester, the campus in a comprehensive summary of 2021 work at the same time, the 2022 work carefully planned, at the same time, the county education development put forward suggestions.Bureau party group of the county 42 campus report summary, plan and suggestions for analysis and research, induction, in the full absorption of the campus summary plan, comments and suggestions on the basis of overall planning county education work.Second, clear thinking on our work.On the basis of full research and demonstration in the early stage, combined with the development trend of education, based on the actual education work in the current county, the bureau party group clearly put forward the “focus on a center, the implementation of the” four five “measures” of “1+5555″ overall work train of thought.”To focus on one Central task” means to focus on the quality of education, promote the revitalization of education, and promote high-quality development of science, education and sports in an orderly manner.”Implementing the ‘four and five’ measures” : The first measure is to “address the five weaknesses”, specifically, to address the shortcomings of the low quality of college entrance examination, the lack of discipline and work style, the lack of strong team building, the lack of balanced education, and the lack of special vocational education.The second measure is to “grasp the five keys”, specifically, to improve the quality of education in a balanced and inclusive way, strictly implement education policies to benefit the people, effectively improve the level of comprehensive management, promote national fitness through the integration of education and sports, and activate the development momentum of scientific and technological innovation.The third measure is to “create five bright spots”, which is to polish the party building brand of “Red Candle Pioneer”, build a new way to donate to teaching assistants, comprehensively improve campus safety management, continue to consolidate scientific and technological achievements, and optimize the pattern of boutique sports events.The fourth measure is to “implement the five guarantees”, which is to increase education funding, strengthen departmental coordination, establish and improve systems, strengthen tracking, supervision and accountability, and create a good working atmosphere.The third is to prepare for the new semester.County science, Education and Sports bureau has issued “on the opening of the relevant work arrangements notice” and “2022 spring semester inspection outline”.Issue key work tips, held special meetings, the spring school work comprehensive arrangements.Members of the campus team went to work in advance to make full preparations for the start of the new school year, the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, and the consolidation of poverty alleviation through education.Baozhen School Unit Office actively carries out the work guidance, coordination, supervision and inspection, to provide guarantee for the normal and orderly opening of the new semester.Second, consolidate the work style and ensure that the ecological education is clean.To guide the cadres and workers in the whole system to good working status and work enthusiasm, into the New Year’s work, in the whole system to carry out a solid spring style of discipline education rectification, for the cause of high-quality development to provide a strong style guarantee.First, strengthen organizational leadership.According to the requirements of discipline style education rectification after the Spring Festival of 2022 in the county, a leading group for discipline style education rectification of science and education sports system was established, and the implementation plan was printed and issued, making specific arrangements for education rectification activities.Second, we made solid progress in education.Discipline style education during the period of consolidation, the office, the campus on studying the party constitution early party discipline and the central, provincial party committee, municipal party committee, the county party committee meeting spirit, study of typical case reports, organization view feature films “zero tolerance”, a documentary “lian jian”, the film “falling stars” and so on, guide the cadres and workers build defenses, clean as practiced by the practical action loyalty.Third, we strengthened the rectification of problems.Bureau party group through extensive research, analysis and analysis, the establishment of the campus level of 3 aspects of 18 problems list, the establishment of 10 aspects of the problem list of the bureau, the requirements of all levels of control problem list, a profound review, positive claim, the development of feasible rectification plan and rectification bookstand, the implementation of sales rectification, submit analysis materials.At the same time, the leadership of the bureau, the discipline inspection group will carry out irregular supervision of the rectification situation.Third, grasp the actual business training, to ensure that the routine management standard fine.In order to ensure that each school principal can do a good job in various business work, effectively implement standardized, refined management requirements, the bureau party members focus on the three-level training, comprehensively improve the whole system management level.February 11, held the county campus long business ability enhancement training class, centralized training.Party secretary and director make a pep talk at the opening ceremony.First, leadership demonstration training.During the training, centering on leading party construction and style construction, members of the Leading Party group took the lead to conduct business training on grassroots party construction, discipline supervision and style construction for campus leaders to ensure the development of education along the right direction.Second, unit business training.During the centralized training, the relevant units, the head of the center, starting from their respective business fields, focus on the campus close attention to financial management, personnel management, education and teaching, project planning and other 13 aspects of business knowledge, to carry out full training, to ensure that the campus manager management level is not only improved.Third, secondary training on campus.On the basis of the training organized by the county bureau of Science, Education and sports, on February 13 to 14, the campus used two days before the opening of the school, the members of the leadership, the head of the office, the class teacher, section teachers and other stratified training, to ensure that the system of training to achieve full coverage.Four grasp the real security investigation, to ensure a harmonious and stable campus environment.Bureau party group around the safe school, smooth school, good grasp of the actual campus security work.First, we will improve the plan for reopening schools.Each campus further improve the work plan and emergency disposal plan, improve the system, accurately grasp the teachers and students’ holiday action track, set up files one by one, so that the bottom is clear, the situation is clear, and measures are in place.Second, carry out security checks.Each campus before the start of the campus safety, teachers and students canteens, facilities and equipment for a major investigation, cleaning of environmental health, comprehensive elimination of key places.Third, we strengthened the opening drills.In accordance with the entrance procedures, all campuses carry out exercises to ensure a safe and smooth opening of the semester and create a harmonious and stable environment for education and teaching.