Even more exciting than coming home for Chinese New Year is coming home for Valentine’s Day

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This article for the original, prohibit any form of reprint, reprint please contact the background, but welcome you forward to the circle of friends.Among the urban myths, there is a story about getting dropped off in a black cab in a strange and familiar location that is not on the navigation.Driving through mountains and snow in the unnerving silence of the night, with only one house’s lights on in the distance.The family to which the driver kindly introduces you, where scarlet lanterns burn at night.The eldest brother, the head of the household, was not surprised by your arrival, but told you to come in and get warm.Amid the watchful barking of dogs, you are half-wheeled into the house, the walls plastered with newspapers, the room showing signs of having been cleaned.There was a sticky liquid on the floor, and under the light, you couldn’t see the color.If the above elements are complete, congratulations to you, you should be just finished killing pigs or chickens and ducks home stay!Urban beauty a second costume “Holiday warm 2” from hainan vacation, became to heilongjiang play snow, starring all change, but do not affect the understanding, after all, and really before a no what big relationship.This time, liu Tao, who is used to playing the female bully, goes home to accept the transformation of the earth kang.In the first episode, Liu Tao is still familiar to the audience as an elite female financial mogul at a lavish dinner party.Within a few episodes, the financial tycoon is one of the many “homecoming” who are making their way to resorts in the snow and snow on hand towed skis.‍ born in the northeast village of Shanghai venture capital female executives, Liu Tao played cheng Man, because for a long time did not go back home for the Spring Festival, the pit mother’s daughter cheated on the flight to Harbin.As the “most promising” in the eyes of the whole family, I have to go back home to meet my parents, sisters, children, old classmates and so on a series of old acquaintances under the papering process of turning the plane into a green train into a taxi and then turning three rounds in the “peanut melon seed mineral water”.‍ wait until the evening, you will find that the green train playing poker noise and all kinds of cheap smoke smell, nothing at all, in the room without humidifier still burn floor heating sleep for a night, soon woke up to find that began to bleed nose, that can be much trouble.You get home completely, and when you walk in, you find your parents squeaking again, and the smell is coming again.You are still “back all come back, how can still go” attitude when the peacemaker, anyway you know your parents will not really leave, that is, overtalk addiction.To say so, on the way back home all kinds of people irritable, back home will not stop, then why must go home to rest for two days?Even if there is no small hot spring in the snow, there is also enough to relax people into the big bath, do not want to come out, add bath salt to make a milk, wash bubble steamed rub but 100.Even if the heated kang was long gone in our home, there was no obstacle for a family chatting on a small table while drinking stews.It is more fun to insult each other with reciprocity. In the various slaps of insults against history, there is nothing like the joy of watching videos until 3am, grabbing the instant killing style of Internet celebrities, or drinking artificial candy on official blogs.Every struggle in the big city, brand engraved with the English name of the white bone essence, when returning to the north home, will be in the seven aunts and eight aunts of the “two wench egg”, “big mocozi” in a second back to the most familiar cotton-padded jacket sister.Relatively speaking, “mix well” to go home for the Spring Festival, the difficulty coefficient is not very big, more difficult, is those who had been placed high expectations, but did not fly on the branch of the mysterious relatives.How to Celebrate Chinese New Year with “no promise”?After all, financial tycoons are only a minority in the world. The percentage of Internet majors is only 9.3%. In the real world, only one out of ten people is “promising”, which is normal.A: In order to find spiritual sustenance, I went to open A shop. After half A year of operation, I found that I would soon be insolvent, not to mention paying employees’ salaries.I have been a sports student since I was a child, but when I went to university, I did not enter the provincial team. At home, IT seemed that I was still working hard.C: I had a hope to be a hero and a phoenix, but because I didn’t deal with the so-called upper-class circles, I wanted to do my favorite job but I didn’t have any experience, so I went to a small place to find a job (by the way, I could escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou).The existence of these “you do not know what they are doing all day long” is that difficult to read in every family.They sometimes feel that the books they choose are difficult to read, and even make some relatives feel emo. Because their children cannot find a good job, the father goes to the first love behind his wife’s back, only to be misunderstood in the end.True to fight up of time, only dare to fall a big liba, expensive things dare not fall, the day has to lead.Because the capital turnover is not open, I want to borrow money from my family, but judging from my own mother’s face, “borrowing money to build a dream”, which is more likely to fracture than skiing, is resolutely not open.Liu Tao’s character, Cheng Man, is compared to her sister, her niece, her workplace pester and the runaway co-founder of the company she invests in, all of whom, to some extent, want to avoid Chinese New Year.Cheng Xiao plays great niece, seemingly in rational utilization of all kinds of work time, is actually distributing leaflets as an excuse to create the appearance of a pair of oneself be very busy, grandpa’s grandmother mom and dad are ordinary people, embarrassed bother to have ability of elder sister-in-law, sister-in-law business is listless, where I can talk to her family want to way out for yourself?Being asked by relatives when to get married is not the worst part of Chinese New Year. The worst part is when you realize that you have nothing to do with your career and love.Relatives who ask questions are not always melon lovers, but some of them actually want to care about others.The most difficult part of Chinese New Year is not trying to shut up our relatives and friends, but finding it difficult to face the unsuccessful oneself and their love for the unsuccessful oneself.Ni Ping’s grandmother, when she knows that a chef Yang l plays is a master’s student in Biology with a Japanese background, she is not happy for her daughter to recruit a high-level employee. On the contrary, she is thinking from the perspective of the chef’s parents: Do you have the support of your family for this plan?Would you really go on without their support?Of course, the elders know that people want to pursue their dreams when they are young, but they know better that if they regard their interests as a means of escaping from reality, there is a high probability that they will lose their interests and their original jobs together.They sometimes don’t know how to say this simple but difficult truth to their younger generation. The drama also shares some restricted language art to teach you how to deal with the elders’ thoughts/correct the younger generation’s thinking.Having a good time at a spa is a very vague concept.Sometimes you think you’re doing okay, but the immediate reaction of everyone around you is “That’s it”?Su Daqiang in “Warm Holiday 2” become bald strong, still did not fall off his irritating old profession.The New Year is not home, nest in the snow mountains raise reindeer, angry drama’s wife Ni Ping teacher launched the host professional skills, sent a serial greeting.From this point of view, Sophia and her uncle are equal in their family conflicts.Sometimes when Bone Essence and old uncle sat together, they would have a soulful conversation: when will my relatives stop worrying about us?Or, my relatives, when will we be free to worry?In Warm Holiday 2, there are two approaches to the problem.One is used to enlighten the romantics who are addicted to the idea of “opening an online celebrity shop if you can’t leave your job”. This kind of reason alone has almost zero effect. It takes a logical person to help ta with “how to do industry” and “realizing dreams”.Zhang Jiani plays sister-in-law Cheng Shu, love self-destruct tendency, was hurt by EX, not to put their life is not perfect, on the vow of “open b&B”.She squandered her money and as a result, there was no point in anyone criticizing her for not wasting money. She knew her financial situation better than anyone.The right way to deal with it is to tell her that it is not impossible to do this, but you are now in a state of fantasy and have no business experience, do you have time to do live broadcast, do you have time to do promotional video for the store?Do you have time to lose your temper and not to improve your basic skills?This approach is “don’t tell them what’s wrong, tell them how to fix it”, and then don’t fix it for them, let them do it themselves.There is a kind of, is to deal with those who look invulnerable, in the workplace polished out of the extinction of the golden bell jar teacher too.The ex-husband of Liu Tao, played by Manjiang, gives us a bad example: Don’t try to reason with him at the beginning!They use rhetorical questions much better than you do!You’re no match for a logic freak!The correct way to open the button is to follow the following steps: If you have a small thing that you want to be acknowledged by your partner, you can show a small amount of intelligence. It will make your partner feel like “someone as smart as I am, I broke your trick in one glance”, and they will usually say OK.If something needs to be done that they don’t approve of, it’s important to lower your profile, but it’s more important to prove that you’re competent (but not superior) so they’ll want to be honest with you.Whether it is a small town girl who flies to the big city, or a beautiful girl who goes home to start a business, they find different ways of life, but as long as they are not running to the extreme goal of drowning with negativity, they can find someone who really supports them.The person may be at home, or waiting for you in the future. If you don’t meet him, believe that there will always be someone who loves you.Warm Holiday 2 is a kind of New Year’s eve family movie, which of course has nothing to do with the pursuit of brain-burning, ultra-sophisticated, grand ideals.Putting the holiday and the New Year together is a very appropriate setting. Many people always think that the holiday should not be at home, but should go to new places.But who says homecoming can’t overlap with a vacation?Perhaps when you return home, you will find that the old home is not as you remember, or the old home is still like that, but that familiar but comfortable, will let you feel that any 5A scenic area in the world is not as good as home.Housework, if not scenery, may be the best copy of “fairyland training.”Think about these quarrels, has the following three principles: 1, but whatever I hope you have a good, do you want to know the starting point of the other no problem, even if they want to describe the process of unreasonable or do not accord with your mind, there is no need to got means Dui, few jokes online to see, don’t really learn;2. If you think there is no big problem with living in the present and the future, you should be BGM. Don’t try to explain what is wrong with the other party, but what is right with yourself.3. If you do have problems in your life, remember who can give you constructive advice and help you in a way.Just pour out your grievances, chances are there will be some unconscionable people to talk about, there is no need to pour out your heart to them.Emotional value and financial independence, no one is better than the other, and it’s not easy to run one smoothly.Now a lot of chicken soup will give the girls, break feeling never to love another will sword refers to top light, I hope, in the fight for the best friend of economic independence, and can also have commensurate with their love and warmth: if you have a good tolerance your loved ones, there are mining the advantages of your lover, have a friend support you, that you of every day, valentine’s day.Today’s topic is: How will you spend Valentine’s Day this year?Let’s talk about it in the comments section ~ do a deep mind SPA and tasteful story!Please share!Mua!!!E-sister gets a new Logo!The soul SPA of urban men and women is viewed with academic rigor in your circle without permission, declined to be reproduced