Ten billion box office artist water big?Ma Licheng the first ten billion female film person, Ou Hao Li Chen Du Jiang controversy

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Starring as Huang Bo breakthrough billions box office work, became the first artist billions box office after billions artists have mushroomed in box office, so far, artist has reached 19 billions box office, or even Shen Teng and wujing have already broke through twenty billion, wujing for already in 30 billion to enter the gate bridge,How much water is there in this growing number of artists?Before this year’s Spring Festival, ten billion box office artists have been occupied by male actors, so that there is a lot of talk that female artists are eye candy, and many media people are looking forward to which actress can first stand up to hold up the “half of the sky”.In this year is not a lot of people optimistic about the situation, “The Killer not too calm” outstanding siege, also successfully let Ma Li among the 10 billion box office artists, became the first 10 billion actress.But because ma Took a lot of low word-of mouth works in front of Ma Li, ma Li this time into ten billion also attracted a lot of doubts, think ma Li’s qualifications or not tough enough.Read the discussion on the net, small eight is also to search the domestic ten billion box office artist, a search just found ten billion box office artist has been so much, and many in qualifications and water than Ma Li can water much.Ranking of the top six, the value of artists is by wu, is this a few play a starring, several heavyweight for its large, won the overwhelming majority of the box office and Shen Teng side with wujing similar, although in “hello Li Huanying” and not a kind of, but Shen Teng on the big screen’s reputation and influence is real, so didn’t trouble came in second.And like Huang Bo, Zhang Hanyu, Wang Baoqiang, even the young Liu Haoran, many works can be regarded as their representative works, which into the list of ten billion box office artists can also be said to pass.At most, it is only a little water on the box office, and it should still be among the box office artists after reduction.After that, artists began to have problems. Li Chen, the seventh, ranked the box office of 15.279 billion yuan, shot 57 works in total, it seems that the data is very gorgeous.But Hachi said an impression flow question, which of Li Chen’s big screen works do you remember most impressing?Quick answer!From data flow, and through several works of 15 high box office, “jin long lake”, “gate bridge”, “the eight leagues”, “me and my hometown”, “1921”, regardless of how many box office the gate bridge can achieve this time, just add up the other four box office would have easily break through billions, but in these films, 15 scenes and how many?If “Watergate Bridge” can hit the box office of more than 5 billion yuan, then li Chen can easily become a member of the box office of 20 billion yuan, surpassing Huang Bo, alongside Wu Jing and Shen Teng?But this box office data, even if Li Chen himself, I am afraid that it is difficult to recognize such data hanging in his head?The appearance of Ou Hao is a surprise to eight, to tell the truth, eight on the big screen are not too much impression of Ou Hao, but also with 18 films into the list of ten billion box office.Another look at ou Hao starred in the works, “Eight Hundred”, “Changjin Lake”, “1921”, “I and my motherland”, basically with Li Chen’s way is exactly the same, and even a lot of films have not li Chen high.This does not mention the box office, Ou Hao’s acting ability in the actors rank so high?Not only with Robert Downey Jr is less than 100 million, with the “local player” Xu Zheng is only 800 million gap, this is not a joke?The funniest thing is that Ou Hao’s part in “Changjin Lake” was made up at the last minute, almost less than a minute of the scene, but also share of the “Changjin Lake” box office.From han Dongjun’s representative works, we can see that this is basically the same routine as Li Chen and Ou Hao. Although there are 13 works written above, only six films are really recorded in his encyclopedia.Of the six films, “My Country and I” and “Jangjin Lake” alone took nearly 9 billion yuan at the box office, and with the help of “1921,” it’s no wonder they surpassed Yi Yangqianxi.And of course, if “Watergate Bridge” continues to be a big hit this year, Han dong-jun’s personal box office score might even be in the top 10, which sounds a bit magical.While another less controversial is the study on modern hotel groups, after the parents, wife on tour program, after finish quickly became the first billions movie box office after 80, eight said a little cold here knowledge, the study on modern hotel groups to complete the achievement in 2018-20213 years, how not to say that the study on modern hotel groups, but the box office is a little too water some data.In this list, Du Jiang, Ou Hao, Li Chen and Han Dongjun are undoubtedly the most controversial, and the most moisture. Basically, they are ten billion actors who rely on the box office. Speaking of their representative works, they are basically some group pictures or combination films.Such box office is really not convincing, even if received such honor, the audience is afraid that will not therefore recognize the acting and performance, you think now ten billion box office list how much gold content?