Chinese football needs this win!Lack of king frost team is still bloody to the end of the director of the miracle of Shuiqingxia change

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After Losing 3-1 to Vietnam and missing out on the World Cup;All Chinese football fans hope that The Chinese women’s football team can beat Japan and let everyone have a good year.In the face of wang Shuang’s unexpected injury and absence, the Chinese women’s football team struggled to the end with their indomitable spirit and won the penalty shoot-out.This is absolutely the Chinese football in recent years of the classic battle, is in the underestimation and turbulence of Chinese football, really need this victory!Back in the summer of 2021, Jia Xiuquan led China to a 5-0 loss to Brazil, a 4-4 draw to Zambia and an 8-2 defeat to the Netherlands at the Tokyo Olympics, setting the worst record in Olympic history by allowing 17 goals in three group games.Everyone is asking, what’s wrong with Chinese women’s soccer?How far are we from the second best teams in the world?After that, Shui Qingxia succeeded Jia Xiuquan as coach of The Chinese Women’s football Team, and immediately recruited tang Jiali, Yao Wei, Lou Jiahui, Ma Jun and other former main players. Veteran players such as Zhao Lina, Li Jiayue, Li Ying and Zhang Rui all returned. The Chinese women’s football team finally ushered in the strongest team in theory, hoping to avenge its humiliation on the stage of the Asian Cup.Many fans were disappointed when key player Wang Shuang was sidelined with a sprained ankle before the semi-final against defending champion Japan.In desperation, Shuiqingxia arranged the front line player Wang Shanshan to play back, strengthen the team’s prevention and control ability and stability of the defense, achieved good results.In the first half, The Chinese women’s football team was 1-0 down under the aggressive Japanese team.After the break, Shui qingxia did not hesitate, while replacing Xiao Yuyi and Zhang Rui, strengthening the individual breakthrough and midfield organization ability.Unexpectedly, one minute into the second half, it was Xiao Yuyi’s assist that allowed Wu Chengshu to steal a goal to equalize the score, leaving the game in suspense.The Chinese women’s team was on the defensive later in the game, but the defensive line led by Wang Shanshan withstood the pressure and sent the match into extra time.In the extra time, most of the Chinese women’s starting players ran out of energy and relied on their strong willpower.After being scored 2-1 by The Japanese women’s football team, Shui Qingxia decisively replaced Li Ying and Yang Lina. Although they did not directly score for the team, they pressed the Japanese team in the middle and front field.In the end, Wang shanshan’s equalizer helped the Chinese women’s soccer team into a penalty shootout, and the roses, who survived, won the final laugh in the penalty shootout.From the platoon arrangement to improvisation adjustment, Shui Qingxia is the director of this miracle.Through such a thrilling, twists and turns of the game, The Chinese women’s football team finally back on track.China will bid for its ninth Asian Cup title against South Korea in the final on Feb 6.Perhaps, the wang Frost of sprain foot still can’t appear;Although the South Korean team is obviously in good shape after beating Australia and drawing with Japan, we have reason to believe that the Chinese women’s football team can win the Asian championship for the underrated Chinese football team with experience and spirit.