The southwest University missed the chance to become a famous university, but its influence did not decrease

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The southwest University missed the opportunity to become a famous university, but its influence did not decrease. Instead, it became more and more brave after setbacks. There are many universities in China, as well as many universities in professional fields, so it is not easy to be among the best in university development.Such as the most typical subject evaluation can see such phenomenon, from the first subject evaluation start has experienced four terms, and each of the evaluation results will have larger rankings change, such as A university in A round of discipline evaluation can still get A grade evaluation, but if can’t keep advantage or rapid progress in just five years, will be dropped out of the class A +,It is much more common to find A+ universities in A+ disciplines. Many first-class universities have invested A lot of money and manpower to build their strength and reach A+.The first one is “A+” and the second one is “A+”.Actually, except for 985, 211 colleges and universities, the double of colleges and universities and some high quality and competitive colleges and universities, we have done a detailed introduction, in the field of China university of political science and law, in fact, the first thought is China university of political science and law in 211 colleges and universities, including 211 university in Beijing, how cattle engineering of political science and law, for it to know friends, no doubt,Although this university is not 985, the gaokao scores are very high every year, especially for the major like law, if there is no score of 985, it is impossible to think about it.However, we can found that the 211 colleges and universities in our country, the number of professional college of political science and law is not much, in addition to the law, at zhongnan university of economics and is one of them, but also pay more attention to the economic category, the university in southwest plate, there are a such a university, although it is not 211 university, but is still a top university of China,Southwest University of Political Science and Law has a strong influence in this field.This for graduates in the 80 s and 90 s really very well, then, the university is also one of China’s 88 most important university (sure) by 78, its popularity and even in the southwest of sichuan university as tall, but unfortunately, for the first time put forward the “211 project” in the 1990 s, people expect to western expedition.However, in the process of national layout and development of higher education at that time, Xi Zheng was not included in the project for various reasons, so everyone felt very sad, because it lost the title of 211, obviously lost a lot of competitive advantages, both funds and policies were greatly reduced.In recent years, in accordance with the strength of Xi ‘an Politics University, xi ‘an Politics University can also enter this ranking. However, it is somewhat surprising that xi ‘an Politics University missed it again. However, Xi ‘an Politics University has obvious advantages in the construction of disciplines such as law, for example, the law discipline is rated as class A, ranking first in China.During its development, the University came close to merging with the then large University in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but the merger was shelved due to the controversy surrounding it, and the large University later became a 985 University.It almost merged with a bigger company, but some people think that It is right for Xi Zheng not to become a part of the major, at least in the subject area to retain its advantages, now the school is still a popular place for the college entrance examination, many graduates are engaged in legal related jobs, very popular, what do you think about this?What do you think about that?Are you optimistic about the second round of double-a selection?