Chinese curling mixed doubles has won two consecutive games, don’t you understand the rules?

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The first curling match of the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off at 8pm on February 2 with the familiar sound of Scottish bagpipes playing at the ice Cube, where the Chinese delegation made its Olympic debut.China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi edged out Pyeongchang Olympic silver medallists David Pelei and Juan Rios of Switzerland 7-6 in the opening group match of the mixed doubles curling competition.Coincidentally, Four years ago in Pyeongchang, China played the same Pere/Rios in the opening match of the mixed doubles.That match Wang Rui/Bud Xin and Switzerland combined with the decisive game after regret.The match was as close as it was four years ago, but this time it was the younger Fan Su Yuan and Ling Zhi, who had never played in an international tournament together, who had the last laugh.Compared to Pere and Rios, who have played together for two Olympic cycles, Fan suyuan and Ling Zhi, who played together shortly before the Winter Olympics, are a quicker pair to get into shape.Ling admitted that he was “a little bit nervous at the beginning”, but pere and Rios stole points in the second and third sets to take a 3-2 lead going into the break.But in the fifth and sixth games after the rest of the game, Fansuyuan’s final throw slightly error, Switzerland was able to come back to lead.But the mood of Fan Su yuan and Ling Zhi was not affected by the change in the score, not only in the next two sets to hold the game into the extra set, but also played many good shots in the extra set.Patience was the key word for Fansu and Ling as they focused on their shots in the first half of the game and waited for their opponents to make mistakes.In the latter half of the game, the two players did not rush, but more focused on the follow-up game.”There were good shots and mistakes,” Ling said, summing up her first match with Fansu yuan. “I adjusted myself well. I didn’t get irritable or encourage each other after the mistakes.And that, in Fansuyuan’s words, is the beauty of curling — who takes the most chances and makes the least mistakes.Under the pressure of making the Chinese team’s debut and challenging the runner-up winner in Pyeongchang, Fan su Yuan and Ling Zhi were impressive in their ability to hold their feet when they made mistakes and still challenge the route they had failed before.According to Fan Su Yuan, the two had already played the extra game before the game, the score ups and downs of the situation, so it can appear calm above the court.Although curling is a sport that traditionally values experience, as a new pair on the international stage, fan Su Yuan and Ling Zhi’s “new” also means unfamiliar playing style and style, and also presents some challenges for their opponents.But Pansu won and Ling Zhi are not strangers to Peret/Rios.Ling zhi’s 8-6 win over Pere/Rios with former partner Yang Ying at the 2021 mixed doubles world championships has given him a boost in preparation.”I know them a little bit and we prepared a lot to play them.”Such preparation is not only to get familiar with the opponent’s tactics and habits, ling zhi even pere and Rios on the court temperament and personality.After winning their first match, China defeated Australia 6-5 in their second round robin match on Feb 3.Four years ago, Wang Rui and bud xin once in pyeongchang infinite close to curling mixed doubles the podium, after made a good start, and LingZhi Fan Su circle also acknowledging his goal is to look forward to than “elder sister” when pyeongchang further: “our target is to the podium, let the national anthem, let the flag flying.”Chinese curling mixed doubles has won two consecutive games, don’t you understand the rules?On the evening of February 2, the mixed doubles event came out ahead of the opening ceremony. Many netizens said, “Curling has changed too fast!Curling is so stupid!”The game was in full swing, but we didn’t know much about its rules. For example, how to score in curling?Why do you always wipe the ice in curling?What message did teammates’ loud shouts send during the game?Today sports brings you to focus on the main framework of curling rules, appreciate the inherent charm of “ice chess”!The curling track is 44.5 meters long and 4.32 meters wide. One end of the service area is a circular area with a diameter of 1.83 meters, which is called “home plate”, and the circular area at the other end is called “Camp base”. Intuitively, it is four concentric circles with a diameter of 0.15 meters, 0.61 meters, 1.22 meters and 1.83 meters respectively.There is a blue line at the front and rear ends of the curling court, called the “forward line” and the “back line”.All curlers thrown in the game must be within the forward line (the forward line) and the back line, otherwise the stone will be considered invalid.Men’s and women’s curling teams are composed of five players (one substitute), usually in the order of first base players, second base players, third base players and fourth base players. Each team takes turns to throw eight curling stones. Each player can throw two times in each game, and one stone is thrown at a time.Each game is divided into 10 innings, with each team given 38 minutes to think.Mixed doubles curling consists of two players, one male and one female, with no substitute athletes.In each game, each team has 6 curling stones, one of which is placed in advance according to the technical and tactical arrangement of the players before the start of the game, the remaining 5 curling stones are thrown, and the player who throws the first one must also throw the last one.The first four stones of each set are not allowed to be hit, either from the opponent or your side, but from the fifth stone.Knowing how to play curling, how to split the game?In simple terms, whoever has more curling points in the center of the camp wins the game.When there is no pot in the camp, the two teams draw, the score is 0-0;The winning team gets points for having several curlers closer to the center of the circle than the losing team.In order to get as many POTS close to the center as possible, each team uses different tactics. Some of the more basic tactics include “blocking” the opponent’s path, hitting the opponent’s ice, and so on.In the curling arena, we often hear athletes Shouting loudly, and the players in front of the curling constantly wipe.This magical mop action, called “scraping the ice,” serves two purposes: to stop the curling from slowing down and to change the direction of the pot.The person responsible for “Shouting” is usually the captain of the fourth base or the pitcher. There are two reasons for Shouting: the first is to give instructions to the ice scrubbing team member, and the “ha ha ha” is actually the English word “Hurry!”Or short for Hurry hard, which means “wiping the ice quickly”;Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa!The second reason is that the curling arena is about 44.5 meters long, and there are four tracks in the winter Olympics arena. If you don’t shout, your teammates may not hear the instructions to wipe the ice because of the distance or external interference.As for the reason that curling starts earlier than the opening ceremony, one is because of international competition practice, and the other is because of the long schedule.With 30 teams competing (mixed doubles, 10 for men and 10 for women), curling has significantly increased the number of matches and extended the schedule accordingly.So curling will be played throughout the Games.After xiaobian so said, now everyone can understand curling competition?Article | GongKe internship edit | Li Yifan