Country Tour has “artistic style”

2022-04-26 0 By

During the Spring Festival, rural homestay has become the first choice for the public outing.As the art revitalizing rural model is rolled out in Ninghai, visitors can enjoy local cuisine and rural beauty, as well as the art atmosphere and immersive art experience in the b&B.Culture + art, so that rural tourism has an “art style”.Ninghai Hot Spring Culture and Art Village, located in Shadi Village, Shenmo Town, is an art complex integrating art exhibition, art hotel, pottery experience, art training and cultural and creative base.”Starting from New Year’s Eve, more than 10 rooms in the art Village b&B and more than 30 rooms in lanting Hot Spring Art Hotel have been fully booked during the long holiday. Most of the people who came here for the Spring Festival are ningbo residents.”Art village related person in charge said.Art villages not only introduce art aesthetics into traditional villages, but also activate rural businesses with cultural creativity.During the Spring Festival, xu Yitian, a village-based artist, was busy designing and burning zodiac cups for the Year of the Tiger, as well as teaching parents and children pottery experience classes.These art forms have enriched the tourism industry, and more tourists will be able to read the FINAL draft and stay.Guided by aesthetics and lit by art, it is an innovative move to enhance the level of rural tourism and attract tourists.The development of commercial streets in fishing villages, cultural and creative bases, and characteristic homestays has ushered in a new upsurge of island tourism during the Spring Festival, which was originally in the off-season.”I stayed in a b&B in Qiangjiao for the past two days. Today, I came out to visit the exhibition hall, where the beautiful scenery of Qiangjiao Peninsula is displayed, as well as the production techniques such as fish tutuo, boat model and fishermen’s painting. Children can have an in-depth understanding of the historical heritage of Marine culture and the customs and customs of fishermen.”Just after visiting qiangjiao town “Big well image” fishing culture exhibition hall, Mr. Shen from Fenghua praised repeatedly.Just awarded provincial golden stay island home stay “mirage” business is booming, 19 rooms are booked up.”As the room was already full, we had no choice but to turn down customers who had booked later.”Host Shi Zhixia told reporters, the turnover of the Spring Festival golden week b&B amounted to more than 120,000 yuan, for the next tourist season, b&B plans to increase beds, and launched “please come to be a day island master” and other spring theme tour, in order to meet the needs of more leisure tourists.In recent years, Qiangjiao Town vigorously promotes the integrated development of “cultural tourism” + “cultural innovation”.In the “Ojing Image” exhibition hall, visitors can participate in art exchange, fishing culture experience, fish creation and other activities;At the Museum of Marine Life at Xiashan Pier, visitors can watch coral, shells, fish, crustaceans and learn about Marine culture.At the Internet Celebrity Cafe in Xiashan village, tourists can leisurely drink afternoon tea, take photos and clock in to feel the fishing village atmosphere.It is understood that the main qiangjiao “seaside family” brand noya listen to the sea small building, static city sea she, Sea xiangyuan, Yuqing home and other b&B are also prosperous business, showing a thriving trend of flowers.