Do small businesses really need partners

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Small businesses have no partners.Think about it. Why do you have a group?I invested in 10 Taobao stores and spent less than 10,000 yuan in total.You whole his mother a partner, you fart, what, on a few taobao shop.This big aunt eight big aunt together come out, two people partnership, ten thousand dollars business you.What function? Working capital? $23,000 is enough.Now this spend bai, this credit card is more convenient, where can’t you get out, 23,000.I now I estimate that some of the primary school students have a set of ten or twenty thousand.You’re a partner, he’s one of two things.First, no money makers quarrel with each other, who see who also displeasing to the eye.Second, if you make money, you know what you’re doing.You said he split your money. Why does he think you split his money?You work alone and you pay him half. That’s what he thinks.A money feel ah, I do it myself, to recruit a staff gave him, I can make all, why points that prick MAO half, more think more angry, why are mom-and-pop stores do so cow force, he husband and wife he has compassion, you two men, two old guys have wife children hot kang of the stuff, as soon as I earn money off your partnership on line not line I’ve done, not to please,Get fucked yourself!Chuanqiwa Baby clothes Chuanqiwa baby clothes