Was born!Mother and daughter peace

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At 10:36 in the morning of January 28, little “lucky” was born – in the negative pressure operating room of the First People’s Hospital of Xiaoshan District in Hangzhou, Ms. Li, a puerpera from Guanxinyuan residential area of Binjiang Fengjian District, gave birth to a baby girl smoothly and painlessly, and mother and daughter are safe.At 4 o ‘clock in the morning of January 28, Xiaoshan First People’s Hospital obstetrics deputy chief physician Zhang Shijun, received a message from Ms. Li.After a detailed inquiry, Zhang Shijun judged that Ms. Li may soon be in production.As a result, Hangzhou immediately activated the mechanism for quarantine personnel to go out for medical treatment, and Ms. Li was transferred to the Tonghui Hospital of the First People’s Hospital of Xiaoshan District in a closed loop.Soon, obstetrical, anesthesiology, medical, nosocomiology medical staff quickly arrived, from patient admission, delivery room preparation, delivery plan have been carefully arranged.At 10:36, a beautiful, healthy baby girl was delivered without incident.When this reporter contacted Ms. Li, she was still in bliss.Ms. Li told reporters that she is from Guangxi, this year is the third year to live in Hangzhou.On January 26, two days before the birth, Ms. Li felt uncomfortable and came to the First People’s Hospital of Xiaoshan District Tonghui Hospital for treatment.The doctor on duty, Zhang Shijun, examined Lee and gave her his contact information, saying, Don t worry. Call us if you have any problems.It is this sentence that makes Ms. Lee feel safe and warm after isolation.”Thank you very much doctor, I feel fine.”After giving birth, Ms. Li thanked her daughter repeatedly and gave her an English name, “Lucky,” which translates to “Lucky.”Ms. Li felt that the smooth delivery during the quarantine period could not have been possible without the efforts of medical staff and the humanization of the epidemic prevention and control mechanism.”Hangzhou is a warm city,” she said. “I really appreciate you and hope this good luck will stay with us.”Source: FM93 Sound of Traffic