Beautiful guan Tong fresh and refined

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Guan Tong was born in Dongcheng District, Beijing, and his ancestral home is Fengxian District, Shanghai. He graduated from the Broadcasting Department of Beijing Broadcasting Institute and is a well-known host of CCTV.Guan Tong is always quiet and smooth, that is, he is not as warm as Zhou Tao, nor as passionate and unrestrained as Dong Qing, nor as expansive as Li Sisi.Guan Tong is Guan Tong, like light sadness of a young woman, her husband expedition, leaning on the door overlooking, looking up at the sky, calm as water, quietly elegant if chrysanthemum.Just like her natural beauty, by nature.But flatly light side is true, stability is long.Guan Tong, although not as good as peers Ni Ping, Yang LAN, Zhou Tao, Dong Qing, such as the wind and water, big red.But just like a plum tree, long red fang.Since joining the Central Bank in the early 1990s, she has been active in CCTV’s artistic scenery line. Till today, plum blossom is still blooming, fragrant and elegant.And the magnificent, waves clap the shore of Ni Ping, Yang LAN, Zhou Tao, has long retired CCTV, Dong Qing is also rare.But calm as water, a trickle of pipe tong, still gurgling streams, continuous flow.This undoubtedly confirmed the old man’s words, “peony no hundred days red, but the plum blossom proud rings.”A little water flows long.Three decades of red skirt fluttering CCTV screen, Guan Tong has its own unique and outstanding place.Guan Tong is beautiful.Regular features, comely small;Elegant face, silver gas;A bunch of hair, fresh as a Daisy.Guan Tong presided over the style of pure and fresh quietly elegant as a sign.He speaks quietly, like a gentle girl next door telling a fairy tale.Guan Tong was lucky.No bumpy struggle blood and tears history, no struggling to paddle the longing day.Everything, just like her character, flatly light, flatly steady, step by step to grow, from school, graduation, enter CCTV, as the host.No waves, simple.Guan Tong likes wearing red.Snow yan red, red and white set each other off, laughter yingying, he talked, no noise, and will not be artificial, maintain a dignified and generous, elegant free from vulgarity, let people love.Guan Tong, red is red, so like a red dress.Guan Tong, sexual quietly elegant, so life is quiet.Sometimes, there are many, many wonderful correspondences.Pure and fresh and refined, is the character, is also the image, but also born beauty with cultivation and beauty.(On the seven Star Bridge in 2022.2 months written ten continents small elegant room.From essays on small elegance.The original is not easy, do not copy.