Give a thumbs up to the young brother of Qinghang!Running with more than 100,000 yuan in cash, he finally returned the backpack to its rightful owner

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“Thank you so much, young man. How can I survive if I lose this money?Thank you very much!Thank you very much!”Ms. Fang, who took Qingdao Airlines flight QW9858 on February 7, shook Gao guofeng’s hand with red eyes and thanked him repeatedly.”Serve for you is my job, you don’t get excited first, quick wipe tears.”Gao guofeng, while calming the passengers’ emotions, refused to reward them.A clearance inspection revealed that the passenger had left his backpack at around 1:00 a.m. on February 8, 2022.After the passengers of flight QW9858 deplaned, the cabin crew and the security officer began to carry out the clearance inspection jointly.At this time, the rear cabin attendant found a black backpack on the back seat of the cabin, the attendant immediately reported to the safety officer.In the presence of a number of flight attendants, the security officer opened the backpack, the bag was filled with various denominations of cash, a preliminary judgment of more than 100,000.This must be passengers left behind, the pursman immediately picked up the backpack out of the cabin, to protect the flight is Qingdao aviation ground service Department Gao Guofeng.”This is the backpack we found on the seat of the plane, there are more than 100 thousand cash, the owner must be worried dead, you go to see if you can find the owner.”Said the purser anxiously to Gao Guofeng.Taking the backpack, Gao Guofeng, out of professional acuity, looked at the time and decided that the owner had not gone far, he quickly took the backpack to chase the passengers.Gao Guofeng jogged all the way to catch up with the front of the passenger team, he asked the passengers one by one whether there are lost items, but the passengers said that there is no item omission.Until he ran to the baggage claim area, Gao guofeng saw a passenger in front of him in tears anxiously turning in place, “it should be hers.”Gao Guofeng thought.He hurried forward and asked the lady, “Hello lady, did you lose something?””Yes, I lost my backpack.Maybe he left it in the cabin, and now he can’t go back for it.”The lady listened to Gao Guofeng’s question, immediately excited to answer.”Don’t worry. What is your name?What does your backpack look like?.”Gao Guofeng calmed down and asked.”My surname is Fang and my bag is a black backpack with an English logo in black on a white background on the front.”The woman calmed down and said.”What’s in it?”Gao Guofeng asked again.”It was filled with cash that I wanted to bring to my relatives in all denominations.””Ms. Fang said.Gao guofeng determined that Fang was the owner of the bag by carefully comparing her description with the characteristics of the lost property.He handed the bag to Ms. Fang and said, “Check if it’s this one. Open it and check it carefully to see if anything is missing.”Ms Fang took the backpack from Gao Guofeng and instantly shed tears.Ms Fang introduced that he came from Sichuan to visit relatives in Qing, the bag of more than 100,000 cash is to bring relatives.”I don’t know what I would do if I lost it.”Ms. Fang held Gao guofeng’s hand tightly and wept several times.Suddenly Ms. Fang pulled open her backpack and took out a handful of cash and stuffed it into Gao guofeng’s hand.”You take the money!”Ms. Fang cried.”That’s what I’m supposed to do. Put the money away.”Gao Guofeng immediately politely refused Ms Fang’s kindness.Ms. Fang saw Gao Guofeng refused to accept the reward, she slowly put the money back into the bag, stepped back, solemnly bow to Gao Guofeng.”No, it’s all right.”Gao Guofeng quickly said while helping Ms. Fang.Ms Square of this move, let Gao Guofeng this Qingdao guy but embarrassed.As the city of Qingdao “new name card”, Qingdao Airlines has been working hard to contact the reporter subsequently Qingdao Airlines, a staff surnamed Yu introduced to reporters, similar passengers left items in the cabin has experienced many times.But this is the first time it has been so expensive.After finding the backpack, in line with the mentality of being responsible for the passengers, the site staff quickly linkage, the first time to find passengers, to protect the safety of passengers’ property.”Gao Guofeng shows his noble professional quality in ordinary work, showing the beautiful soul of qinghang people.At the same time, it is also a vivid embodiment of the efficient cooperation and organic linkage among various departments of Qingdao Airlines’ operation and service system.””During the whole process, the cabin department, ground service department and air safety management department handled the situation quickly and properly, ensuring the safety of passengers’ property and demonstrating their responsibility of ‘sincere service’ with practical actions,” Yu said.Mr. Yu also introduced that as a new name card of Qingdao city, Qingdao Airlines has been adding luster to the city with its own efforts over the years.On November 22, 2016, Qingdao Airlines flight QW9851 from Qingdao to Lanzhou had finished check-in for 15 minutes. Ms. Luo, a passenger, hurried to the check-in counter to check in. After learning that she could not check in, she tried to book a high-speed train ticket and other transportation modes, but accidentally left her handbag at the check-in counter.Qingdao aviation airport check-in staff Guan Yani found, in situ did not wait for the owner, notify the police.The owner ms Luo saw Guan Yani at the police station, excitedly hugged her, and grabbed a handful of money to thank Guan Yani.After being refused, Ms. Luo immediately registered as a member of Qingdao Airlines, followed the wechat and Microblog of Qingdao Airlines, and became a “fan” of Qingdao Airlines because of the kindness of “Qingairlines people”.At 13:15 on June 2, 2021, 15 minutes after Qingdao Airlines flight QW6071 took off from Lanzhou, an old man felt uncomfortable in his heart. The purser immediately transferred him to row 3, arranged the flight attendant to continue to observe the old man’s condition, reported to the captain and broadcast for medical help.After inquiring that there was no doctor in the cabin, at about 13:30, the passenger’s condition deteriorated, with difficulty in speaking and weakness. All the medicines except the Suxiaojiuxin pill were checked.After that old man situation, in line with the principle of reverence for life, the captain decided to return to Lanzhou.After receiving the flight return information, Qingdao Aviation Operation Control Center contacted the crew by satellite phone and learned that there was a passenger with sudden illness on board. They immediately contacted Lanzhou Airport, coordinated and arranged a nearby flight seat, prepared ambulances and other resources in advance, and gained precious time for treating the passengers.At 14:07, flight QW6071 returned to the airport, and the airport first aid staff went on board to examine the passengers. The flight attendants and medical staff carried the passengers off the plane and sent them to the hospital for medical treatment.At 15:34, the ground staff feedback, the old man’s vital signs are good, has been hospitalized observation.Flight QW6071 also took off at 16:00 on the same day for a follow-up mission.”Qingdao Airlines has always been adhering to the service concept of” love from the heart, nature moved “, whether on the ground or in the air, is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and convenient aviation journey for passengers, think of passengers, urgent passengers urgent, with sincere service to fulfill the commitment to passengers.Mr. Yu said.