Today’s New Year’s Eve I bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new

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Today is the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, New Year’s Eve.We wish you a happy New Year!To bid farewell to the Year of the Ox, let us put down the hard work of the year, together feel the rich flavor of the New Year, experience happiness, wish auspicious New Year.The sun is just right, plum is yan, red lanterns hung high, reflecting red people’s smiling faces, indicating a good Spring Festival.New Year pictures linmen, Tifu Tiger, eye-catching Spring Festival couplets posted neatly, full of blessings and hope, exulting peace and joy.New Year’s Eve dinner in the family just out of the pot dumplings, dumplings, delicious taste smell, just steamed steamed steamed buns, rice cake, soft glutinous Sweet warm heart warm stomach.Northeast pig dishes, south of the lion’s head, Chongqing hair blood wang, Guangdong white chicken……Filling a table with food from all over the country and sitting around the table with family reunion is the most important ritual feeling during the Spring Festival.The flavor of the New Year is full of rising and falling sound shopping for New Year goods, shopping malls lingering “I congratulate you on getting rich, I congratulate you on your wonderful”, super sense of generation let a person can not help but hum out loud.The whole family together shousui, children worship the elders called “farewell”, the adults return red envelope is for “pressure”, a red envelope, a few fireworks, wrapped in reunion and harmony, the inheritance of good family tradition, burning is to pray for the epidemic, safe and successful wish.There are still some people who shoulder responsibilities and stick to their posts so that they can’t go home for the Spring Festival. However far away they are, there is always a way to get together.New Year’s Eve video link, make a table of New Year’s Eve dinner with the goods mailed by parents, watch the Spring Festival Gala together online, wish each other when the New Year bell rings…Wherever you are, may your heart be with your family.Love, always around.”Farewell tonight, farewell tonight, no matter new friends and old friends, next spring to invite again.” When the familiar melody sounded, The Year of Yin tiger will formally set sail.Let us wish you a prosperous and prosperous year of the Tiger