Who should pay for China’s elimination?The moment of disaster continues unabated

2022-04-27 0 By

Fast New Year, football can not refuse to tears.Praise can also be, reprimand also become, cattle face but also can not change the reality of cruelty.Once again a spectator of the World Cup, there is nothing else in the dictionary of Chinese football’s woes but failure.”Believe in yourself” is an attitude, “burn your Bridges” is also an attitude.At a time like this, the “modesty” we have always admired is in vain.Li Xiaopeng’s first national football team coaching show, in the pre-match press conference he said to “play characteristics” would you please tell me the characteristics of this game?Is it about giving away points, and then falling behind and being fooled by the Japanese players?To analyse the game has no meaning, the more you see from the data at a glance, scoring 17 times in Japan, there are six shot is, the Chinese team only WeiShiHao free-kick and captain Wu Xi anti-aircraft gun shot a foot, has no threat to Japan’s goal, also the ball than 5 feet away, corner number is 11 to 1, when the east in the second half of pure also doubled the lead after the goal,The suspense of the game is over.Li Xiaopeng thought Alan and Wei Shihao on it?Do you think dai Wi-jun will work?In the press conference after the game, Li Xiaopeng said that he was responsible for the loss and his eq was higher than Li Tie’s, but what was the use of it?In fact, the national football team out with Li Xiaopeng and his huge coaching team has nothing to do with It. Li Tie has already patted his ass and left. The FOOTBALL Association naturalized shortcut, but now it seems to be a dead end.The judgment that changes handsome too late hit the nail on the head, just pit dug big, the road also has been blocked by oneself!The 2-0 loss to Japan is the embodiment of the real gap, some sad, some helpless, some lonely……Country foot wants to prepare ahead of schedule again next World Cup, next World Cup expands army 48, after transient rice lu is brilliant, country foot “disaster hour” still, from beginning to end, endless!Look at the progress of the overall strength of Asian football, only the National football team is stagnating, who dare to say that after the expansion of the World Cup national football team will be able to enter?For the National football team, what we can hold in our hands is never “vitality”, but unsolved spells and destiny.