A pair of sisters and younger brothers lost in Hebei, the whole village searched all night in vain!

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On February 8, hebei province xingtai ngawi He Zhao He Zhao town east village, lost a pair of siblings from home until the night looking for failed on February 9, at noon, lost two siblings in the village were found to have been unfortunate in a puddle hair away from the world, is cooking in the kitchen at that time, the father of two siblings, nine-year-old daughter playing in our yard and 6 year old son, soon to go out to play.When the father called his children home for dinner, he found that both his daughter and son were missing.His father first searched around his home, and then mobilized villagers to help search, but no trace of the child was found.On the morning of September 9, wei County fire department and local rescue team used professional equipment and found two children at the bottom of a water hole in the village.According to the introduction, the water pit was dug out when the village was building a temple. After the rain, the water accumulated, with a depth of about five to six meters. In winter, the water had frozen, but recently the ice melted after warm days.The police are investigating the circumstances.Children haven’t start now add a playful nature like ice in the water to walk, play easily happened accident suddenly burst, February 1, two teenagers were trapped in the afternoon, shijiazhuang city, hebei province zanhuang NaGuan Village, about a 10-year-old boy play in the pond ice ice burst, when the boy accidentally fell down, fortunately, the fire rescue workers rushed to rescue in time, at the moment,The boy is now in good condition.On the same day, baoding Boye County Boye Park artificial lake, a boy about 13 to 14 years old fell into the ice cave, after the emergency rescue of the fire and rescue personnel, the boy was successfully rescued ashore, to the family.We see no two children are not accompanied by adults play in the pond the lake alone results in the so parents leave their children must look good cough up don’t let the children play in the pool area such as not alone without safety facilities and rescuers ground water or swimming even children learned to swim alone in water is not safe for swimming indicates will prevent drowning skills not to teach children to prevent drowningSkills will not be able to help a child learn to save your brother also fell into ice, sister diving rescue February 4 in the afternoon, xingtai ningjin map a YaoKeng water ice, playing a boy when he fell into the hole, she jumped into the water after found brother save to a tree, but because the ice is broken, and siblings, two people can’t back to the shore,After the arrival of fire and rescue personnel after an hour of intense rescue, to help the siblings out of danger.Blue tertiary could see the sister and the deep but find somebody drowning in the water or rescue absolutely not drowned man hand in hand in the case of panic is likely to be tried to the rescuers down the final conditions can is two people to exhaustion resulting in serial drowning in addition, swimming indicates will save in the first place is to shout out loud alarm calls to seek the help of adults,Seeking professional rescue Blue Uncle finally also want to talk with parents safety education is also a very important part of family education, children’s awareness of safety risks is not complete at ordinary times to take good care of children told children not to play in water to ensure the basic safety of children do not wait for something to happen to regret too late!Source: Hunan Fire Department