Chen Yang: Injecting “Her Power” into calligraphy

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Folk collection is rich and colorful, according to different collection categories, Yangzhou collection association has set up a number of professional committees.Among them, women’s calligraphy special committee is a special existence, its members are all female calligraphy lovers.Today’s collection salon, let’s get to know their leader — Chairman of yangzhou Collection Association women’s calligraphy special Committee, member of Jiangsu Calligrapher’s Association Chen Yang.”When you feel lonely or lonely or need someone to accompany you, calligraphy is like a good friend. As long as you have the pen and ink, it will follow you wherever you go.”When she came to Chen Yang’s home, she was absorbed in the post.For Chen, calligraphy has become an indispensable part of his life.Chen Yang’s father was a military calligrapher. Influenced by his father, Chen Yang developed a strong interest in the art of painting and calligraphy at an early age.As an adult, Chen devoted most of his time after work to his creation.Chen Yang introduced that Yangzhou has emerged such as Li Shenghe, Yan Peixian, Wu Yangeng and other outstanding female art masters, they have made indelible contributions to the inheritance and development of Yangzhou painting and calligraphy art, it can be said that they are outstanding achievements, famous art.Chen Yang’s calligraphy has become more and more sophisticated over the past decade, taking the female artists in Yangzhou as examples and practicing hard.Zhong you was a famous calligrapher from the end of Han Dynasty to The Three Kingdoms Period.In this process, zhong you carried on the work and moved forward. He is honored as the “originator of regular script”.Chen Yang fully absorbs the elegance and elegance of zhong’s small letters, whose writing is well proportioned and soft outside but firm inside, to show the beauty of women in calligraphy.Among the calligraphers of the early Tang Dynasty, Ouyang Xun and Chu Suiliang were the most innovative.Chu Suiliang’s calligraphy draws on the strength of many families and is praised as “truly opening the door of Tang Kai”.The Preface to the Sacred Teachings of Yanta is chu Suiliang’s representative work in his later years, as well as a famous inscription on stele in the history of Chinese calligraphy, leading the new style of regular script in the Tang Dynasty.Chen Yang was fascinated by Chu suiliang’s works. During the epidemic, she used Chu’s regular script to write a painting of Chairman MAO’s “Sending the God of Plague” to pray for Yangzhou.The calligraphy style of Tang Dynasty, chairman MAO’s poetry, and the emotional injection of female calligrapher together create this work with both artistic value and emotional value.In recent years, on the basis of studying Zhong you and Chu Suiliang regular script, Chen Yang has studied hard on seal script, li script and Wei bei, striving to achieve the “five physical style concurrently”. His works have been selected for many national professional exhibitions and won awards.In addition to calligraphy, Chen Yang also has deep painting attainments. Her painting “Journey to the Holy City” was selected in the eighth Jiangsu Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition. She was also elected vice president of Chen Zhongnan Art Research Institute in Yangzhou.Mr. Wang Zan, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Painting, also wrote a calligraphy painting for her, “God rewards those who work hard”, encouraging her to take “diligence” as the first word on the road of painting and calligraphy.In 2018, the Special committee of Women’s calligraphy of Yangzhou Collection Association was established, and Chen Yang was elected chairman.As a platform, more than 100 women who love calligraphy gathered together, they organized pen clubs, held exhibitions, went to other provinces and cities to exchange and study, and wrote “fu” for citizens during the Spring Festival, contributing precious “female power” to the cause of calligraphy and painting in Yangzhou.Chen Yang said that she would spread and promote the art of calligraphy for the purpose of uniting the city’s female calligraphy art lovers, for the prosperity and development of Yangzhou’s calligraphy cause to make due contributions.Source | Editor | Luo Lihua, Yangzhou Radio & Television “Sail” mobile phone channel