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Pasting paper-cuts, writing Spring Festival couplets, steaming rice cakes, visiting temple fairs…When the traditional Spring Festival comes, a variety of custom activities carry the family’s yearning for harmony and happiness, full of people’s pursuit of a better life.Online shopping for Spring Festival, cultural visits, fitness activities…With the development of The Times and the improvement of science and technology, mobile Internet has become a new medium, and mobile phones have become a new tool for communication. New Year customs have also derived new fashions and tastes in the distinctive innovation of the north and south, and become a new spiritual nourishment for families in the new era for the sense of ritual of the Spring Festival.”After watching The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake, I was very shocked.”On the first day of the first lunar month, Ms. Li, a middle school teacher in Beijing, came out of a movie theater in Changying Tianjie, Chaoyang district, and said, “It’s a New Year custom to watch movies and celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.”Ms. Li is not alone in choosing to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot this year.”After the local Spring Festival, there are many new entertainment scenes.”Ms. Li told People’s Daily finance and economics, this year’s Spring Festival, both the “watergate bridge of long jin lake” such patriotic films, also has a “pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future” “tiger mound heroes” and so on children’s animation film, she not only single people, many citizens with Eva also open “slice in common” in the cinema.As of 16:45 on Feb 2, the total box office of the 2022 Spring Festival, including pre-sales, topped 2.5 billion yuan, according to Maoyan Professional.”Watergate Bridge” topped the first-day box office with 668 million yuan, breaking 15 film records including the single-day box office record for a feature film in China.”Although I feel that movie ticket prices are relatively high during the Spring Festival, cultural customs are full of new ideas, which is also determined by the market supply and demand.”Ms. Li said that she also went to the military museum and the National Museum to see exhibitions on February 2, the second day of the Lunar New Year, and met many citizens who were also interested in cultural customs.Not only cultural New Year customs, sports and fitness has become a lot of local New Year young people like new entertainment.”On the first day of the New Year, there are more people masturbating than on weekdays.”Beijing double Wells in a gym manager said, more and more young people to science fitness consciousness and strengthen body needs more and more intense, on second day these two days, a lot of friend a team sport, gym become a new scene, they each other fitness weight competition strength become a new greetings, friends and relatives during the Spring Festival “when three catties fat” is no longer a young man’s tradition.Not only offline fitness stores, but also many online sports platforms have launched many cloud fitness fun sports challenges during the Spring Festival, so that young people can easily realize the “health and regimen bureau” with the help of mobile phones.During the Spring Festival, many families around the country also use the new forms of new customs to convey the warmth between family members.Ms. Yang, a white-collar worker in Guangzhou, is usually taken care of by her parents for her stressful and fast-paced work.During this year’s Spring Festival, Yang hopes her parents can unload their housework and enjoy the relaxation of the holiday.”I wanted to prepare a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner for my parents to thank them for their hard work.I’m usually too busy with work to practice my cooking, but this new product helped me with my New Year’s Eve dinner.”Ms. Yang said that as a poor cook, she dispenses with traditional Cantonese customs, such as scrubbing and pasting, when shopping for Spring Festival goods.”I saw the New Year’s Eve dinner menu from Aunt Qian’s prepared food platform, which only needs simple processing to make a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner. Let my parents have a good rest and have a good New Year!”Miss Yang said happily.Tianyan data show that in 2019 and 2020, the annual registration volume of prepared vegetable related enterprises reached the highest in 10 years;By the end of 2021, China had 69,000 companies related to prepared dishes.The search term related to prepared dishes also became one of the hottest words, with the number of searches exceeding one million in 10 days.Not only prepared food customs in making new taste, before the Spring Festival at a regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman beam Jue d. said, according to the moc, the necessaries of life around the market overall supply is adequate, stable overall price, the traditional firecrackers, high quality fresh, seasonal clothing, intelligent home appliances, flowers, green plant and other goods sales, consumer market opening.With respect to flower market, the flower of the remote area that pity expensive in former days, benefit from the promotion of infrastructure such as storage, transport network, in this year Spring Festival “fly into” many public home, become the new adornment in year common.A staff member at the Hema Caojiadu store in Shanghai told that since January, the number of consumers picking up potted plants at the hema Garden display area has increased.New Year’s selling like hot flowers, single plant, 3 plant 6 plant, 8 plant, 10 plant, 12 plant of butterfly orchid gift box, price from 49.9 yuan to 788 yuan, design and color respect each has its own strength, the traditional pink purple adds atmosphere for the festival, and orange yellow, complex color, white and other styles are more popular with young people.”Roses, silver willow, peony, large flower whelan, etc., are all suitable for placing at home during the Spring Festival.”Compared with middle-aged consumers, young people are more likely to buy fresh cut flowers. Ms. Zhang, who is choosing flowers in the shop, said that there are a wide variety of flowers in the store. Just pick a few flowers and take them home can make the traditional festival a new style.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)