Procurator-general Li Weiguo visited NPC deputies and listened to them face to face

2022-04-28 0 By

Pearl river net news (reporter Ji-fei wang correspondent Li-mei tian) in order to further enhance the people’s congress of procuratorial work understanding and support, to ensure the representative contact work of normalization and effectiveness, on February 9th, party secretary and the attorney general qujing city people’s procuratorate wei-guo li visited the National People’s Congress, qilin district, qujing city camp town unity village villagers Yuan Haibo Yuan Jiaying villagers group.During the visit, Procurator-General Li Weiguo personally delivered to Yuan Haibo the congratulatory letter from Procurator-General Zhang Jun of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Four Major Procuratorial Dictionary, Procuratorial Archives in the 100-Year History of the Party, 2021 Notification of Procuratorial Work and other materials.At the same time, the procuratorial organs in Qujing were briefed on the education and rectification of political and legal personnel, I do practical work for the masses, public interest litigation, optimization of the business environment under the rule of law, participation in social governance and other aspects of the work, and asked for their opinions and suggestions on the procuratorial work in Qujing.Yuan spoke highly of the efforts and achievements made by the procuratorial organs to actively escort qujing’s economic and social development, and fully affirmed the procuratorial organs’ consistent emphasis on liaison between deputies and members and their active acceptance of external supervision.It is hoped that the procuratorial organs will further extend their supervision, continue to strengthen the procuratorial efforts to protect minors, especially to strengthen the work of human body public interest litigation for minors, and contribute procuratorial power to the healthy growth of minors.Procurator-general Li weiguo expressed his gratitude to Deputy Yuan Haibo for his long-term care and support for procuratorial work.And said, accept the supervision of the people’s Congress, listen to the voice of representatives is an important way to improve the procuratorial work, Qujing People’s Procuratorate will seriously implement the opinions and suggestions of Comrade Yuan Haibo, combined with the actual procuratorial work in Qujing, study implementation measures, dedicated to do good procuratorial work for the people, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of procuratorial work,To serve qujing’s economic and social development with its own high-quality development of procuratorial work, to meet the party’s 20 great victories with practical action!