Property market sentient beings | for children, she bought a house in Hangzhou, she moved from the city center

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Were you surprised by the snow on the first working day of the Year of the Tiger?Auspicious snow promises good harvest, the New Year, what new story do you hope to happen?At the beginning of the New Year, we are going to tell two stories about “getting on the bus” in the property market. Some people bought a house in Hangzhou in the Year of the Ox, and some people moved to a new house before the Spring Festival. Behind the story, we can find the same reason: for their children.Life is careless and full of hope, no matter what kind of hangzhou property market is in your eyes, no matter you have considered buying a house, we may have a relationship with the property market.In the New Year, I hope everyone can have a harvest in the property market and start happily.Since July 2021, I have been going to Hangzhou almost every weekend.Hangzhou friends, students did not help to understand the real estate information, ran with me to see the scene.I work in a hospital in Jiande and want to buy a house in Hangzhou because my daughter is graduating from university soon.This is also the third time in my life to buy a house.During that period, I paid attention to many real estate projects. Considering the convenience of life and travel, I focused on the subway first.For example, Puhe Yundi, Tingyun Shangfu and Fuli Center of the Future Science and Technology City;Asian Games Village three brothers: Green City Laurel Oriental, Vanke Riyao City and China Resources Asia Olympic City;Gongshu district of spring and cloud, Jin Shang and product fu, bintao yingyue riverside, Xiaoshan star Cui Lanting, Chaowen Flower city.These buildings, I have personally been to the sales department, from Jiande to Hangzhou, my husband and I drive to about an hour and a half, that time, two “outsiders” in the work of hangzhou a lot of roads are clear.Because it is E talent, lottery some advantages, I would like to try.But at the same time, there is a problem in front of me.According to the policy of Hangzhou, my family can only have one house in jiande, a non-restricted purchase area, to enjoy priority lottery in the restricted purchase area.Which means I have to sell one of the two houses I own.The first house I bought was on the third floor of a garden house of about 130 square meters in a community on Yanzhou Avenue, Xin ‘an River, Jiande in 2008.At that time the child reads elementary school in the town, the result does not go up, jiande best quality education resources is in xin ‘an River, her father and I still hope that the child can go to a better middle school, bite the bullet to buy this suite.This tooth is a bit for two years, at that time, my husband and I added up to no more than six thousand monthly income, out of all his savings to pay the down payment, a month and three thousand three hundred loans will also, remove the child’s various remedial class fee, can be used to running out of life, then go to market to buy food are snapping fingers ah, “you can spend how many money to eat today.The house was delivered in 2010, the same year life changed dramatically.I didn’t expect hospital salaries and housing prices in Xin ‘anjiang to double at the same time.In 2012, the house was finished, but the child was admitted to jiande’s best boarding junior high school.At that time, the apartment had risen from 680,000 yuan to 1.8 million yuan. I was tempted and wanted to sell. My daughter joked: “Mom and Dad, we are not selling!Two and a half million before selling!”I laughed and didn’t sell it.This house could sell for about $3.6 million right now.At the end of 2020, 12 years after my first purchase, I settled on a row house with front and rear gardens in Yang ‘an Street for 4.5 million yuan.I have always wanted to buy a house with a garden. The poem says: “There are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter”.My “dream love room” has an elegant courtyard, you can give yourself more time to relax, idle to watch the court flowers bloom and fall, diffuse with the sky.In addition, the father and I can raise a dog, grow vegetables, how great!I just had some savings, so I didn’t have to think about it long enough to make this big purchase.At that time, MY next-door neighbors and I have discussed how to decorate, the yard design is finished.Is to sell this ready to decorate the row house, or sell now live in the house?Weighing it all up, her father and I bite the bullet and sell the new house.No, I don’t, and neither does her dad, especially those two own parking spots in the front yard.It is difficult to park in the community where we live now. In those days, we did not buy a parking space. Every time we come home from work, we have to spend a lot of time looking for a parking space, and sometimes we have to park outside the community.When the house sold for $6 million, it made $1.5 million. Nice.But “dream love room”, I only had a short half year.8.5 After the New Deal, many buildings about the same time to open, sign up for a building, if the qualification is locked, can not shake the next one.I signed up for the city of Yunhong, did not win the sign was locked, the puhe yun di can only miss.Xiaoshan district is bintao yingyue, but Huachen in the first open, the results signed.Think about it, if you give up and have no chance to shake bintao reflected on the moon, choose a satisfactory floor is set.The house is close to the subway station, making it convenient for the children to commute.New house 3.8 million, apart from the down payment, every month to pay more than nine thousand loans, the quality of life can be guaranteed.I am also very happy with my decision to buy this house.After a while, my daughter decided to go to Shanghai for postgraduate study.The children do not need to work in Hangzhou, the future of this flat has become unknown, because it is limited to five years of real estate, we decided to first “rent to support the loan”.Five years later, if the child works in another city, we will sell this apartment and buy another one in the city where she works.Most of the parents I know have the same idea.Next, I still want to buy a favorite house for retirement ah, first to solve the problem of the child, then her father and I will go shopping, sell the present living set, change a set.The child’s house can’t be touched.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, we spent the Spring Festival in our new home.I’m just getting used to my new home, but sometimes I’m feeling a little sad.Move that day, listen to moving master said before the end of the year there is a small peak move.Many people have new houses and move into new homes at the end of the year to welcome the New Year.But our new house is not a new house, it’s a rental house.The 12-minute walk from the rental house in the west of the city to my children’s secondary school was the main reason for my new home.This is the first time that we are “far away” from the city center, and it is also the first time that my husband and I have become renters since we came to Hangzhou 20 years ago.In March 2002, my husband and I resigned and came to Hangzhou.At that time, we were only a few years after graduating from college, and we were all working in writing.Wenhui bridge side of the old community has just been renting to live, rented west Lake culture and education district, also rented zhaohui old broken small, the principle is: close to the unit.In June 2003, we bought our first house in Hangzhou, a second-hand house of about 80 square meters in Wenhui, with a total price of 500,000 yuan.At that time, I thought the house was really expensive. Half of the house was borrowed from the bank and the other half was sponsored by my parents.The person beside buys a house in succession, have a friend to use same room money, in the west of the city and three pier each bought a suite.Two years later, she sold her house on the west side of town, giving her capital to start her own business.When she told me three years later that the price of my house had gone up and urged me to sell, I smiled unfazed.I am insensitive to the rise and fall of housing prices, and buy a house according to the need to go.I live downtown for the sake of convenience.In 2010, when my son was one year old, I bought my second house. We bought a small house in the cultural and educational district because we heard that students need to settle down in the school district.In 2017, I sold the two houses because the space at home was too small for me to put to good use. I changed to a bigger school district house in the same area, which is what you call “old and shabby”.This time, I want to be close to my children’s school. There’s nothing wrong with the house except its age.One of the reasons for renting this house is that I want to be close to my children’s school.My child is studying in a junior high school in the west of the city. It takes 16 minutes to drive when the road is smooth in the morning, and it is almost 9 o ‘clock when I pick up my child at home in the evening.I have asked the parents of the students, who live close to us, can save nearly an hour a day.I think time is precious.Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids had time to sleep more, work on more problems, or talk to us more?My husband and son disagreed at first, so I tried my best to persuade them. If they couldn’t, I was the boss.In fact, the child’s performance is not ideal, I usually work busy little tube him, every time I see his performance on the side of the heart, the side of guilt.I thought of a lot of moves, moving is the first step, is also one of the easiest moves to achieve.The child is not willing to live in this home for five years, there are feelings.The neighbors across the door were also reluctant to move, so they invited us to her home for hot pot that weekend after the children had reviewed their lessons.I am also very reluctant, 20 years in Hangzhou, not every time can meet a good neighbor.The night before we moved, I was a little sad and lost half a night’s sleep.I live in a tiny two-building community that is 20 years old, but it has many advantages: people and cars are separated, the vegetable market is next door, full of fireworks, and the buildings are of good quality and earthquake-resistant.I am a happy person who is easy to satisfy, and I can count the advantages of every house I have ever lived in Hangzhou.I found that my biggest regret this time is that I didn’t get along well with it.These years are the busiest time in middle-aged life, and the time to sit in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to bask in the sun and drink coffee is very limited.On the 24th day of the 12th lunar month, I got up early in the morning to take a picture of the community.Because of successive rainy days, the village aunt fan dance familiar scene did not appear, the village central garden hung a ring of red lanterns, very beautiful.Moving from morning till night, exhausting.Do not move do not know, now move the cost, compared with five years ago rose at least ten times.Like house prices, they are no longer comparable.The rental house was about 30 square meters small and relatively simple, so we removed most of the furniture.As long as the boys had food and drink and parents in their new home, their feelings of loss quickly turned to joy.His father and I made fun of the old amenities and tried to make our new home as comfortable as possible.Got up one morning, unexpectedly found the kitchen door by her husband installed a blue curtain, above write: life, the most important is happy.Suddenly a little touched, no matter what kind of house we live in, we can live a good life.Actually, I have a little idea about moving.Last year, influenced by colleagues and friends, I heard many stories about the property market.Some of my friends who don’t like to stay in the city center as much as I do have traded their houses several times and now their houses are worth tens of millions.It was a little exciting, to be honest.And I found that now the house design is more and more transparent, the park landscape is more and more beautiful.I have always felt that I am quite buddhist, and do not have high requirements on material aspects. Last year, I also had a little mind to be flexible. I would check the price of my school district house whenever I had something to do, and fantasize about whether I could sell it and change a new one.I even have a good idea that the second home purchase will be seven years after the first one, and the third home purchase will be seven years after the last one. At this rate, should we be able to make another successful replacement in 2024?I see, this replacement frequency is lower than the average replacement frequency of Hangzhou people, not too greedy.I told my son that we would try to find a better home.He was very happy to hear that.I also hope that this major effort to rent a house will be a new start in life in many ways.