She has not been pregnant after marrying the richest man, persuaded her cousin to become a concubine, even after giving birth to 10 children, the two sisters become equal wife

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Introduction: In the feudal period, women received the education of “three obedients and four virtues” from their childhood. They were trained into the appearance that men liked very early, and even allowed men to have three wives and four concubines and share their husbands with other women. However, in the Period of the Republic of China, this idea remained unchanged.There was a woman who married the richest man but had no children all her life, which made her feel very guilty. In order to carry on the name of her husband’s family, she personally persuaded her cousin to become a concubine. However, after her cousin married her husband, she gave birth to ten children and finally became ping Wife.Since the Opium War opened the door of the Manchu Court, which became a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, but also brought some business opportunities, he Dong is taking advantage of that chaotic period to become rich.He Dong’s father was a Dutch Jew and his mother was a Cantonese. Influenced by his mother, He Dong had some understanding of Eastern civilization and was very interested in the history of China’s East. Therefore, he decided to do business in China.He Dong and his father came to Hong Kong, China in the mid-19th century, and registered a company there. He Dong, who had a business mind, quickly accumulated capital, reaching a wealth of more than two million yuan, and became one of the richest people at that time.The wife maixiuying of he Dong also came to Hong Kong together with the husband, the feeling between husband and wife 2 people is very good, but MaiXiuying and He Dong marry for many years, have no place all the time however.He Dong is the male with a very strong familial concept, so as the growth of age, he also urgently hopes to have heir, below this kind of circumstance, his wife Maixiuying only everywhere seek medical advice, hope can give he Dong smoothly to give birth to a child.But after all the efforts, there was no result.At this time Maixiuying had a bold idea, she decided to give her husband a concubine.In fact, it was quite normal for men to have three wives and four concubines in the 19th century, but it is hard to imagine that Mai Xiuying took the initiative to share her husband with other women in order to continue the family line. It seems that she also loved her husband and his family very much.Maixiuying looking for candidates named Zhou Qiwen, regardless of appearance or family background, are very good, and he Dong also very like Zhou Qiwen.And after marriage MaiXiuying also took the initiative to avoid suspicion, try to make zhou Qiwen and He Dong two people alone.But marriage or a few years, Zhou Qiwen never pregnant, then Maixiuying is very worried, zhou Qiwen and she are unable to have children?He Dong’s social status, if there is no heir, will be laughed at.In the face of this situation, MaiXiuying is also very anxious, so in order to family harmony, in order to be able to continue the family, at this time MaiXiuying thought of his cousin.Mak’s cousin, Zhang Jingrong, received a good education from childhood, and because Mak received a Western education, she was reluctant to accept the idea of multiple wives and multiple concubines.But Mak xiuying decided to take the risk for her husband and family, so she sought out her cousin’s parents.Put her idea out, but did not expect Zhang Jingrong’s parents heard The words of MaiXiuying immediately expressed opposition, their daughter will marry a man of the same family in the future, absolutely can not become other people’s concubine room.At this time maiXiuying also promised To Zhang Jingrong’s parents, if Zhang Jingrong can give birth to a son and a half after marriage, then will let her be a legitimate wife.Hearing this, Zhang Jingrong’s parents were shaken, because he Dong’s social status at that time is very high, if their daughter can marry He Dong, it must not be rich or expensive, but also bring a lot of benefits to their family.So under the joint efforts of Mai Xiuying and Zhang Jingrong’s parents, Zhang Jingrong reluctantly agreed to marry He Dong as a concubine.Shortly after zhang jingrong married He Dong, she became pregnant and successfully gave birth to a boy.Although MaiXiuying looked at her husband and cousin very much in love, but MaiXiuying was not very sad, because this is what she wanted to see, and in the next few years, cousin Zhang Jingrong continued to give birth to nine sons for what east.Conclusion: at this time maiXiuying will take the initiative to honor the promise, she said to He Dong, hope to let cousin Zhang Jingrong become a flat wife, for MaiXiuying’s generosity, he Dong very moved.But this marriage, in Zhang Jingrong’s mind is extremely painful, she only thinks he is a fertility tool.So later in order to calm down, Zhang Jingrong put all of her energy on charity.Also because of her own experience, So also make Zhang Jingrong asked her children to receive education, no matter boys or girls, should have equal opportunities to receive education.Although He Dong is the richest man in Hong Kong, he could not send his daughter to school, so Zhang Jingrong came up with another way to send their daughter to a girls’ school, also receive education.