Son, do you know how hard it was to say “I want to learn”

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Because of the epidemic, the children’s winter vacation has been released in advance, and there is no specific notice on when the school will start.A holiday when told him, have a semester is about to rise early, to have a sense of urgency, he poured there also ah ah ah.Promise to be happy on the mouth, a play to forget, mobile phone, TV, toys have not been idle, learning became a sideline.Say light blink of an eye forget, say heavy eyelid collapse squint, a pout of mouth, began to rage.I’m tired of saying it, too!Write to him that year I begged home to give me time to learn the story of it, can understand, see him savvy.I was less than 12 years old to read the county county middle school, at that time, the rural school still put autumn holiday, county summer vacation, vacation also did not have homework.Can you read at home without homework?No, I have to work in the fields.Family said, you go to school a year to spend dozens of dollars, do not work, the wind can blow ah?The first two years did not divide the land, summer vacation home, I carried a basket to cut grass in the field.This work is not as romantic as the children’s song: I am a commune member, with a small sickle in hand, carrying a small bamboo basket, after school to work, cutting grass and collecting fertilizer wheat ears, the more dry the more like it.Under the hot sun, cutting grass in an airtight corn field, corn leaves burning on the body, where to like to go ah.Then the land was divided up and I grew taller, so I had to do some hard work.How tall was I then?82 years I was in high school, height 152 CMS, weight about 80 to catties (specific did not weigh, high school graduation net height 170 CMS, weight just over 100).At this time, the family began to plant cotton, because of the money to plant cotton, but then the cotton, insect damage, every few days have to play back medicine.At first, the medicine barrel was cylindrical, with a belt on the back, which was pumped up first, and then had to be pumped up for a while. Then came the square sprayer, which could hold the spray rod in one hand and hold the pump in the other hand, and worked efficiently.I was wearing shorts vest, under the scorching sun, a bucket of pesticides, this has been dry until the summer vacation of the third year.In the summer vacation of my second year in high school, I brought home the English textbook, two politics and history textbooks that were required for the college entrance examination.Discuss with the family: I want to use this holiday oneself remedial once two weak subjects, I go to the field work in the morning, afternoon study at home study.Marilyn, the family said, so much cotton to medicine, rod to the material (fertilizer), you go back to school to learn.Finally, I agreed to go to the field in the afternoon when I was busy, and the family agreed to let me study at home when I was not busy.That summer vacation, I want to test the English, back a thoroughly familiar, words do not deliberately back, remember what they look like;I don’t like politics, but the less I like it, the harder I have to memorize the key points I think.When I get tired of English and politics, I turn to history books as if I were reading novels.When the college entrance examination, English paper a down, every question a good, basic know how to do, finally took an examination of 90 points, compared with the usual test promoted 10 points, what is this called?This is the language flu.Politics also improved by about 10 points.My child, now you have nothing to do but study and play. You have such a good learning environment, cherish it, and don’t regret not cherishing the time to concentrate on study one day!