“This is the first time to be a man, why should I give up my sister?”

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01 a period of time ago when the aunt in my home, I quarrel with my younger sister, very intense when the aunt to protect her heel I said: “you are a sister, let a little sister.”When I heard those familiar words again, I was angry and amused.I would argue why I let her.She would say to me because I was older.That tone of voice I could not refute, because, yes, I was three years older than her.But who rules? Older people have to be wronged.Sometimes it doesn’t have to be who wins or who loses. It may start as a joke, but they say it and I take it seriously.Do not understand the world of time, whenever hear this sentence will naturally not speak, the strength to suppress in the heart.You know, I always thought I should let her go, just because I’m a sister.Just sometimes do not want to bear the grievance, will complain why she cried, that thing is my fault.Later, when I happened to see a person’s comment, she said, “The most disgusting thing I heard in my life is that she is still young. Why should you yield to her? I am also a child and it is the first time to be a human being, why should you yield to her?Everything in the past can’t be more impressive.I remember one year, my parents came home for Chinese New Year, and the white walls of the house were covered with colored pens and crayons. They thought it was all me. I explained to them that it wasn’t me, but they said that my sister was so small that she knew what to do.But I didn’t draw it.I can’t remember what year it was or how old I was, but THEY said she was young.When I was in high school, I would occasionally hear them call me to let her go, and they would argue with them. They were too lazy to say more, and the habitual action was to protect her behind me and face me.No matter who is at fault, who first provoked who, they will think that I am not sensible.Whatever she’s crying about, they’re gonna ask me if I pissed her off.So in a way, my ranking is not as good as hers.In fact, this matter did not affect me much. When I heard it when I was young, I would feel wronged. After high school, I spent less time at home, just for summer and winter vacations.To be honest, this article did not take a long time to write. It was lying on the bed that day that I could not sleep and then thought of a lot of past events, so I conveniently wrote out my feelings.I don’t know how to evaluate such ideas, and I can’t change their ideas. Sometimes I can only envy them, but that is probably the preference that I can’t envy in my life.