Bear will admit that their flow from Yao Ce, with goods because du Fan support?

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As has been said before, the criticism of Guo duxiong comes from their own words and deeds.Tian Jing with goods, originally do not like and even had antipathy, but in contrast, but can accept.The so-called contrast is, duxiong and others can take goods, What can not Tian Jing?Tian declined to comment on the delivery of goods about nine days after the deaths of Li and her daughter.This is an internal matter between Tian Jing, Yao Wei and Xu Min’s brother.Now when the poor child is told to be buried, Xiong goes to see him off because he used to like him too.I just want to ask xiong how familiar she is with yao’s son if she is not familiar with him.Others can forget, nine is to remember when the news came out, Xiong is also busy teaching people to place orders, then continue to live with goods.As usual with goods in the middle also spread, that white from a young girl to get the news of Lili’s residence.Let’s not talk about it.In short, even with xu Min a few years of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are abandoned regardless of the curse.Even if it is true, what is the meaning of seeing the child off?Do not forget, du fan is how jubilant, how to say that Li Li mother and daughter was taken away by Yao Ce.Their oral memory of Yao Ce, the heart when he evil what devil?Of course, these people have nothing to do with Xiong.As to take goods on January 4, do not say tian Jing, try to ask 28 there are a few anchors will admit to take goods because of the party?Ask Xiong, will she admit it was because of people who supported Ms. Yao Cedu?Not necessarily!She wanted to create a professional appearance and prove that it was her own efforts.So are the others. It’s human nature.If the donation and the house are returned, Yao Ce will no longer be criticized, and Xiong will also be supported to start his own business and start a new life.Tian Jing has none of these problems.(Pictures from the Internet, infringement must be deleted)