Fried potatoes, home meals, eat not tired

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Raw materials: potato, green pepper, tomato, scallion, garlic, ginger, salt, oil, five-spice powder, soy sauce.Practice steps: the first step, peeled potatoes, wash, cut silk, rinse excess starch for later use.Step 2: Spring Onions and garlic are ready.Step 3: Heat the wok with oil and add onion and garlic until fragrant.Step 4. Add the potato shreds and stir well.Step 5. Add tomatoes and continue to stir-fry.Step 6. Add five-spice powder to season and stir well.Step 7. Add green pepper and salt and stir well to serve.Step 8, homely dishes, please taste.Step 9: Finished product drawing.Step 10: Finished product drawing.Tip: Potatoes must be washed out of excess starch for a great taste.This is from Mila Miira.Do you like this recipe?Welcome to like, comment and forward.Welcome to pay attention to food world, learn food, follow me!