Liuyang Huaichuan West community: safety knowledge into the community, prevention awareness into the people

2022-04-30 0 By

Rednet moment news on March 14 (correspondent Qiu Rong Jiang Caiqi) In order to effectively strengthen the area residents fire safety awareness, effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of safety accidents, recently, Liuyang City Huaichuan Street Xizheng community solid to carry out a regular “knock on the door action”, the area of safety hidden dangers for a full range of investigation.”Wires in your home should be checked regularly and replaced in time if they are damaged and aging.”In the action, the staff came to the door for the elderly living alone to check fire hazards, to remind residents to pay attention to the use of fire, gas, electricity and electric car charging safety.In addition, security checks should be carried out for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other densely populated places within the jurisdiction, code scanning should be carried out for places of epidemic prevention and control, and relevant responsible persons should be prepared for safety precautions, and safety passages should be smooth and tidy.Xizheng community to carry out safety knowledge into the community activities.”First lift the extinguisher, remove the safety pin, hold the nozzle, and then press the grip on the fire source, everyone can have a try.”After the hidden perils, community according to the actual residents live in the neighborhood of feels ashamed clear to carry out “safety knowledge into the community, awareness into the hearts and minds” of the good-neighborly and class activities, the scene broadcast traffic safety warning plates, the electricity, fire safety knowledge propaganda, such as safety ZhuanGan site teaching how to use the fire extinguisher, explaining how to deal with the oil, liquefied petroleum gas stove fire safety knowledge,And detailed answers to residents in the family life encountered security problems.Through this production safety publicity activity, the residents’ awareness of safety prevention has been improved, the store managers’ sense of safety responsibility has been strengthened, the production safety work in the area has been further strengthened, but also created a good atmosphere of production safety in the area, to ensure the safety of residents’ life.