Short video gets guest marketing tuyere open, hurry to get on the bus

2022-04-30 0 By

Network development into the 5G era, the whole industry into the era of short video marketing is coming!How big is the market for short videos?Just take a look at the giants’ revenues.According to a document widely circulated on the Internet, Bytedance’s Massive engine generated 150-155 billion yuan in media advertising revenue, of which Douyin accounted for about 100-105 billion yuan.It is no surprise that in 2022, and even in the future, the short video sector is still a marketing strategy that enterprises cannot ignore.At the same time, more and more enterprises also want to try short video marketing channels, but “how to do the sustainable growth of short video?””How do you get millions of conversions at a very low cost?”However, these enterprises and merchants are in trouble because they cannot shoot, edit, produce and operate.And these problems, in fact, only need a short video to attract customers marketing tools to solve.Instead of traditional advertising, the tool relies on Tiktok, which has 700 million users, to empower businesses based on the huge audience of short videos.It also mobilized the power of users and employees to help stores release videos and achieve millions of exposures within a short time in the city. According to statistics, the cost of each video is 0.01 yuan.In addition, the tool has a very powerful function, that is, it can be intelligent.The tool can monitor the comments section of the same type of account, so that companies can see the information of potential customers under other accounts, and they can proactively contact customers themselves.The cost of this approach is even lower.Sustainable growth repurchase The tool also helps us to consider the question of repurchase from in-store customers.The short video acquisition marketing tool has a good feature, is the ladder of traffic reward play.Every time the number of videos played by users reaches a ladder level set by enterprises and merchants, the tool will automatically send messages to remind users to come to the store to receive rewards, so as to attract customers to return to the store for a second time and achieve sustainable revenue growth.For those who are not familiar with short video operation, short video customer marketing tools will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for development.Such a useful tool, use it quickly!More short videos get user marketing tool gameplay can be private contact ~