The opening area held a special recruitment activity for enterprises to stabilize their posts

2022-04-30 0 By

In the morning of February 25th, the human resources and Social Security Bureau of the Economic development Zone and the Talent Development Group jointly held a special recruitment activity for Ziyunying talent aid enterprises to stabilize posts and attack the key action beauty.Four enterprises, including Midea Kitchen and bathroom, Meizhi air conditioner, Meizhi Precision and Weiling Motor, will attend the conference with more than 400 positions.Wuhu Vocational and Technical College, Wuhu Advanced Vocational and technical School organized students to come to consult about the position of the enterprise.At the scene of the activity, the human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuhu District, the City Talent Development Group and the relevant leaders of the two schools gave a student lecture. Through the distribution of Wuhu talent manual and recruitment information publicity pages, the students had a more intuitive understanding of the talent subsidy policy and job information.The atmosphere at the recruitment site was active, and the students actively learned about the positions of the enterprises and frequently interacted with the enterprises. Some students said that they would go deep into the enterprises after the activity.Chinese milk vetch blooms, waiting for you to come.In the future, the Bureau of Human resources and Social Security of economic Development Zone will actively implement the policy of “Ziyunying Talent Plan”, and continue to provide support for enterprises to recruit talents.Source: Human Resource Development Center Yang Xue