Wow!!!!Two people in Cangzhou jumped into a lake in winter and rescued a girl who had died

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Wow!!!!On February 8, 2022, a woman jumped into a lake to save herself in People’s Park in Suning County, Cangzhou.At the critical moment, zheng Jinhuan, a staff member of the park management Office, and Zhao Chunying, the head of the security team, rushed to the scene and jumped into the icy lake to save the woman.It is understood that Zheng Jinhuan is a 50-year old veteran.Zhao Chunying, the head of the security team, said Zheng and the woman, who was in the lake more than 10 meters from the shore, were too cold to speak after jumping into the lake.The rescued woman in the help of the masses on the 120 emergency vehicle, Zheng Jinhuan and Zhao Chunying were also urged to enter the house to change clothes.Source control | cangzhou [edit | akaka]