Bring in Wilson?Xinjiang may advance to the playoffs

2022-05-01 0 By

In the crucial match of the second stage of the league, xinjiang’s domestic core Abudusalamu missed his debut due to injury, and the team lost to jilin team, its opponent for the playoff spot, thus the promotion situation is not optimistic.Moore terry joined xinjiang team inside strength, his ability to contain the inside also let Qi Lin, Tang Caiyu found the shooting feeling of last season, but the team is still some distance from the league top 12 gap.In recent seasons, Jilin team has been a regular in the playoffs, the introduction of Dominic Jones as a foreign aid, so that jilin team competitiveness significantly improved, but Xinjiang team has gradually sunk.Zhou qi’s departure in the offseason and management’s failure to negotiate a trade deal with Jilin for Jones have left the team one step away from a playoff spot.There are only ten crucial games left in the third stage. If Xinjiang team cannot show its full strength, Jilin Team will join hands with Beikong team to advance to the playoffs.Former Los Angeles Clippers player Jamil Wilson has been in China for a while now. Fujian has failed to get a deal with him, and he’s starting to show up in the outcourt.With xinjiang’s current strength, if it can make the playoffs, it will only fail to reach the quarterfinals, which means there are only 12 games left in this season, so signing Wilson is not a problem, after all, the cost is not too much.Wilson, who can be three or four, could take abdusalam’s place when he rests and keep the attack going.The 12th playoff competition is very fierce, Qingdao team has withdrawn from contention, Xinjiang, Tianjin these two teams become a strong contender for playoff seats, tianjin team has introduced three foreign aid, and Xinjiang team has only one foreign aid.Against the Jilin team, if Abdusalam can play, the final result may not be so.The joining of another foreign aid is related to whether Xinjiang can finally reverse attack into the playoffs, which also tests the operation ability of the team’s management.The introduction of Wilson to strengthen the team forward line, believe that ABU Salamu can lead the team into the twelve strong.