Down jacket and bare ankles!Do you like to wear it this way in winter?

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A few days ago, a young girl limped into the Foot and ankle clinic of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, wrapped in a heavy knee-length down jacket, wearing a mask, and wearing ankle-exposing pants.The doctor sees the patient upper body “winter”, foot “summer” dress, in the mind already understand seven or eight points.Cold days, to the hospital orthopaedic foot and ankle disease outpatient patients increase, which will appear like this young women like dew ankle.Sometimes you have to spell it out just to look good?”Doctor, give me some pain cream or other treatment.Cold of course is cold, accustomed to, can insist, for good-looking, sometimes is to spell once!”In front of the doctor, 24-year-old Xiao Liu (pseudonym) was straightforward and straightforward.Xiao Liu is a senior ankle-revealing girl who loved her bony beauty when she was still in college four or five years ago.3 months ago, I accidentally injured my ankle while playing badminton. At that time, the ankle was sore and swollen. Magnetic resonance examination found that the lateral ligament of the ankle was damaged and the ankle joint was effusion.After more than a month of formal conservative treatment, she has almost no pain and can walk normally.After the Spring Festival, Xiao Liu’s love of beauty rekindled.After a period of “beauty”, she suffered from ankle pain again, affecting her walking and had to seek medical treatment again.”Treatment is needed, keep warm is also very important, otherwise your feet for a while not good, it is likely to aggravate, little girl, often relapse, affect walking, that foot is not like waste?”Zhejiang Province people’s hospital orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery expert, director of doctor Gu Xiaohui assiduously, patient persuasion.Next, Gu Xiaohui took physical therapy, drugs to eliminate aseptic inflammation, support protection and local injection and other treatments, and suggested that Xiao Liu usually wear high top wrapped sneakers, in order to keep his ankles warm, support and prevent torsion.”Some young women like to wear short trousers and socks that expose their ankles, but their ankles are often exposed to cold wind, which can easily cause ankle joint pain.”Gu Xiaohui exclaimed.Gu Xiaohui said that in foot and ankle clinics, patients with ankle injuries that have not been treated in time are often encountered.For example, Sister Ruan, a tea farmer in Anji, is in her 60s.More than 10 years ago, she accidentally stepped on a mountain tea picking and sprained her ankle.At that time, I was busy picking tea and the pain was tolerable, so I did not go to the hospital.In the past 10 years, the pain has been getting worse, especially when the temperature changes, the pain in the ankle is particularly painful, and even affects walking. Now it is difficult to climb up the mountain.The local hospital found that her ankle joint degradation is more serious, recommended ruan elder sister to seek medical treatment with gu Xiaohui, chief physician.After examination, it was found that her ankle joint was chronically unstable, with ligament fracture, bone spur and cartilage damage due to long-term non-formal diagnosis and treatment, so she had to be treated with surgery in hospital.Gu was eventually treated with a minimally invasive ankle arthroscopy, which involved just a few chopstick-sized holes in her ankle.”If we had treated it then, it would not have developed to the extent it has now.”Why do ankles get hurt when the temperature drops?According to Gu Xiaohui, chief physician, there are three main factors:1. Patients with pre-existing ankle injury history, the foot, ankle tendon tissue around the cavity and joints of aseptic inflammation, can secrete inflammatory cytokines, inflammatory factor is the main reason for the work of cause pain, when the climate is warm, the foot blood circulation quickly, blood flow can take these inflammatory factors in a timely manner, and not to hurt;But when the weather is cold, the legs and feet are cold, and the blood vessels of the ankles are spasmodic contraction, and the blood circulation becomes slow and the blood supply is reduced, which will lead to local inflammatory factors in the joint and around the tendon stagnation and accumulation, and stimulate the joint and tendon and produce pain.2.Because sufficient, anklebone is far from the heart, local blood is supplied relatively little and blood flow is slow, at the same time anklebone ministry soft tissue is thin, local hypodermic adipose layer is thinner, it is ankle joint below thin skin, cold resistant and warm sex is poorer.If your ankles are exposed to the cold, your blood will not flow, which can lead to arthritis.3. Cold stimulation will also lead to stiffness of ankle joints and nearby muscles and ligaments, reduced responsiveness, inflexible activities, and decreased joint stability and coordination, so that ankle joints are prone to injury and pain in cold weather.Gu Xiaohui reminded that patients with repeated foot and ankle pain should find professional foot and ankle surgeons in addition to diagnosis and treatment, in the cold season, pay attention to warm, prevent ankle pain;Wash feet with hot water before going to bed every day to relax ankle muscles, eliminate foot fatigue and cold, and promote blood circulation.Source: City express statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: