Ganzhou public Security traffic police: strengthen rural road management to ensure road traffic safety

2022-05-01 0 By

Ganzhou is a combination of media news seriously implement the “three check point” rectification work deployment requirements, prevent and reduce rural road traffic accidents, zhangye ganzhou police traffic police brigade continue to strengthen the rural road traffic management, for important traffic illegal act continues to bat scrutiny introduce high pressure situation, utmost elimination of road traffic safety hidden trouble.During the period, the brigade carefully analyzed and analyzed the laws and characteristics of rural road traffic violations, scientifically adjusted the deployment of duty, extended the police force to township roads, and increased traffic control efforts during the morning and evening travel peak hours and at night.We will focus on investigating and dealing with traffic violations involving license plates and licenses, driving scrapped vehicles on the road, overcrowding passenger vehicles, carrying people illegally in freight vehicles, carrying people illegally in agricultural vehicles, drunk driving, failing to check vehicles within the prescribed time limit, etc. We will effectively form a situation of high pressure and strict control, resolutely carry out strict investigation and governance, and make every effort to eliminate potential traffic safety hazards.At the same time, the police fully grasp the favorable opportunity to contact with the driver, to explain to the parties the harm of traffic violations, punishment basis and punishment standards, improve the traffic safety awareness of the masses.