Gaoling: 17 key projects were launched

2022-05-01 0 By

Gaoling District actively implemented the arrangement and deployment of provincial and municipal projects to promote high-quality construction, and started construction of 17 major projects with a total investment of 13.057 billion yuan, sounding the “assembly call” of accelerating the construction of key projects to promote high-quality development in the whole district.In recent years, high land tree “to the project for the king, to the per acre theory hero, looked to construction project theory hero” philosophy, adhere to all around the project all staring at the project to do, based on the new advantages of high land a new stage of development, promoting the construction of xi ‘an powerful undertake orderly national major projects of all types and at all levels in the process of the central city,We will plan and carry out a number of high-quality projects in key areas such as new infrastructure, manufacturing, service industries, ecological and environmental protection, ensuring people’s wellbeing, and urban renewal that will lay a solid foundation and deliver long-term benefits.In 2022, a total of 162 key district-level projects will be implemented with a total investment of 175.93 billion yuan, including 119 new and extension projects with a total investment of 63.77 billion yuan. The planned annual investment is 19.61 billion yuan, an increase of 6.22 billion yuan over 2021.Among them, 51 projects were listed as municipal key projects, with a total investment of 69.94 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 8.772 billion yuan.On the morning of February 15, the second sewage treatment plant and sludge safety disposal project in Gaoling District was filled with machinery and roaring. With the commencement order of Xie Ningyuan, deputy Secretary of district Party Committee and District Head, major industrial projects in the first quarter of 2022 in gaoling District were started intensively.The reporter learned at the scene that the construction of this concentrated project is generally characterized by many industrial projects, single investment, high quality projects and sufficient project momentum.The HuaZhen vehicle parts co., LTD., a suburb north of new base period and four manufacturing projects with a total investment of 785 million yuan, year plans to invest 320 million yuan, five real estate projects such as vanke will uptown with a total investment of 8.41 billion yuan, year plans to invest 1.52 billion yuan, “four good” two engineering such as ascending rural road infrastructure and people’s livelihood guarantee the project total investment 700 million yuan,The planned annual investment is 625 million yuan, and the total investment of 6 ecological and environmental protection projects such as “Three rivers and one mountain” greenway construction project is 3.16 billion yuan, with the planned annual investment of 1.03 billion yuan.Author: Li Hanyi