Nine middle schools in Xingtai have been reported by students to make up lessons illegally, but his parents envy the school responsible

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Today, a parent in Shijiazhuang said that xingtai middle school is really responsible, why not so responsible schools in Shijiazhuang, parents have to pay for remedial classes.This is what matter, let shijiazhuang parents have such feelings.Originally from the winter vacation to now, xingtai has nine middle schools because of the violation of the supplementary classes by the local authorities investigated and warned.It even has the best school in Xingtai, Xingtai No. 1 Middle School.What are those nine schools?Let’s count them. There are Xingtai No. 1 Middle School and Taihang Middle School (it is a private school affiliated to Xingtai No. 1 Middle School, let’s call it one school, because it was reported together), Xingtai No. 3 Middle School, Xingtai No. 5 Middle School, Longyao No. 1 Middle School, Nanhe No. 1 Middle School, Nanhe Experimental Middle School, Nangong Middle School, Neiqiu Middle School and Huining Middle School respectively.There are not only high quality schools in xingtai urban area, but also high quality schools in lower counties.And the reason that is reported, is illegal open net class.But these schools do not explicitly say online classes, most are called answering questions.Only in January 27, Hebei province issued the “on the winter vacation of primary and secondary schools illegal make up lessons, ordinary high school early elective classes to walk the emergency notice”.Further clear to resolutely put an end to the use of network platform collective q&A, any form of online, offline disguised collective make-up lessons.Apparently, after these schools were reported, Hebei drew on its experience and made specific explanations.In response to these reports, local authorities have basically immediately ordered the suspension of online education to ensure students’ winter vacation time.For example, the report of Xingtai No. 1 Middle School and Taihang Middle School was dealt with as follows: investigation and understanding of the problems reflected by netizens were carried out by means of on-the-spot inspection and random telephone inquiry, and all online teaching was stopped on that day.Other offending schools have been dealt with in much the same way.This has shijiazhuang mother feel xingtai area school responsible, unlike some areas of the school neglect management.But these schools are inevitably criticized by superior units, fortunately, the school is the carrier, at most is the principal to get training, if the teacher privately to the children online class, that is another outcome.Are middle schools in Xingtai such rolls?I originally thought that Xingtai didn’t have such a nervous learning rhythm, but I think I was probably wrong, because I just looked at Hengshui and ignored Xingtai next to Hengshui.In fact, even Hengshui with Xingtai, plus other counties and cities, and how many schools did not open online classes?Basically all open, but why will let shijiazhuang parents envy?In fact, the mother made a mistake. Several schools in Xingtai were reported from January 10 to January 15, during which there was no holiday in Shijiazhuang.Due to the epidemic, most schools in other areas did not return to school on January 10, and some schools opened online classes for a week or so to make up for the missed time.However, the children don’t think so. They think it is a holiday at home and forget that if it were not for the epidemic, they would still be in school this week. Therefore, some children cheerfully report the school.The school also has hard words, originally is good for the student, the result was accused by the student.In the future, it is impossible to guarantee that the nine schools in Xingtai will faithfully abide by the regulations of their superiors. It is impossible for them to arrange any home-school exchange meeting or question-and-answer meeting.What do you think of this?Welcome to the discussion.Graph source network, intrusion deletion.We look forward to your attention, sharing and comments by reading interesting educational stories, sharing educational ideas and understanding subject knowledge