Seven star pass area sa pull creek town: change style do practical work

2022-05-01 0 By

“It’s impossible for me to give you the green light for just one person. It’s unfair to all the other people waiting in line. Please wait patiently in line order and don’t be ‘special’.”A few days ago, in the seven star pass area sa pull creek town service center, individual masses want to deal with marriage certificate in advance, because privately find a staff interloper to say hello, and be severely refused.”The style of government workers is too good to be ‘special’, but also sacrifice their off-duty time to serve the masses.”Come to apply for marriage certificate of the masses said.It is reported that the day for marriage registration more, the town staff work until about 7 p.m.Salaxi town for the masses to do practical things as inspection cadres style of education rectification and problem rectification work effect, from the ideological, action to eliminate the stubborn style of disease, constantly promote style change, praised by the masses.At the same time, the town is not regular spot investigations, arrive in place around, style of discipline, takes office, etc, to carry out the supervision, accurately grasp the style of the whole town cadre education overhaul work propulsion situation, timely detection and points out problems, and to further tighten the “main switch” style construction, to promote the fundamental change of cadre style.(Nie Xiaoling)