4-0!Manchester City beat relegation, Sterling hat-trick to surpass Chelsea legend

2022-05-02 0 By

Norwich city VS Manchester City in round 25 of the Premier League on February 13.Sterling scored in the first half;In the second half, Foden scored and Sterling completed a hat-trick.In the end, City won 4-0.City currently top the Premier League with 60 points, while Norwich are third from bottom with 17 points.The suspense of this match is very small.Can say, city as long as their normal play, three points on the bag.Sterling broke the deadlock in the 30th minute.Foden extended his lead in the 47th minute.Sterling scored twice in the 69th minute.The 91 th minute, Sterling missed the penalty shot into the net.Manchester City beat Norwich 4-0 to secure the three points.The pressure, once again, is on Liverpool.For Guardiola, the real test, or the Champions League match.Manchester City travel to Portugal next to kick off the first leg of their Champions League round of 16 tie.With Manchester City’s quality, there is no problem in reaching the last eight.It all depends on who is playing in the last eight and whether Pep Guardiola can deliver the breakthrough that will lead to the Champions League.Sterling’s hat-trick broke a four-game scoring drought with his first and second and third premier League goals of 2022.He also surpassed Chelsea legend Didier drogba with 106 goals in the Premier League.Sterling, however, has a long way to go before he can reach drogba’s level.At the very least, he should stop being a happy footballer.If this can be changed, the number of goals will skyrocket.Norwich Starters: 28 Angus Gunn, 2 Aaron, 4 Ben Gibson, 5 Hanley, 21 Brendan Williams, 8 Gilmore, 17 Rahitsa, 20 Reis Melo, 23 Mmcclane, 22 Puki, 24 Sargent City Starters:31- Ederson, 2- Walker, 3- diaz, 6- Ake, 11- Zinchenko, 25- Fernandinho, 8- Gendoan, 20-B seat, 26- Mahrez, 47- Foden, 7- Sterling