“Eldest brother crazy brush 1 million, finally meet with net red!”Is it money well spent?Ha, ha, ha

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All stopped what can be, anyway on the target you by injustice death also can’t see photo album evil capitalist country, never thought there were people with the mouse did not have electricity god TM on the number!The winner of life — Swagger, you want a drink?It must be something “everlasting, everlasting” that makes you a tool man because it’s the Minnan people who sing this song Set sail, set sail!Girls get a haircut VS guys get a haircut.The boss didn’t have a horse, but now he has a senator and he’s sensitive because if iron Man hadn’t shown up I’d have been tricked by you to open the floor drain instead of the skylight!Old iron head tip meeting what, thinner than a dollar coin?Virtue this thing, oneself ask oneself first is virtue, use it to ask others is lynching eyes?Are people this brave these days?When I asked for wechat on the playground, my friends gave me some ideas that were so cunning that they invited the king of hell:Who tm move my book, the monitoring, don’t think I reported to the police is finished, the big ye have lost a lot o son of you, this is not spicy, you taste the most touching this phone no tattoo I feel I can make it to the rightness, and thyme is banned, I was afraid of his teammates to choose perfect avoid with the ritual valve to gather together a group of street what busy?Times are changing. Do you have to smell it first?Can I take this list or not?The eye moves away from two ye’s green hat to say the most straightforward.Do you want to listen to any of the songs that are on the charts right now why are you sitting on the floor watching the show and why is rabies 99.99% not 100%?You can’t blame Mr. Tony entirely. I think it’s better to wear resurrection armor. Withered vine, old tree, faint crow.Cut wrist you can see scar, the arm fell to see how to say?Don’t give me so much, take a few points off the boss thinks too much, I just went to the interview what do you get from this picture?Don’t worry, soon to you don’t hurry along with a member congratulations boss boss wife I suspect there is a spy, otherwise who tm so boring ah this TM where is P map, this is a direct deduction map medical people can not self-cure?Did you also charge the disassembly fee for traffic?Also his mother strange lovely “eldest brother crazy brush 1 million, finally meet with the net red!”Is it money well spent?Take a good look at this picture and leave your answers in the comments section.