The bPI-RK3588 core board and development kit of Banana Pie adopts RK3588 chip design

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Bpi-rk3588 adopts Rockchip RK3588 design, adopts core board + baseboard development board suite, supports 8G memory, 32G eMMC storage, up to 32G memory and 128G eMMC storage,Can be convenient for all kinds of development and flexible baseboard customization.Rapid mass production of products.RK3588 is a new generation of flagship high-end processor launched by SWMC. It adopts 8nm process design and is equipped with eight-core CPU of quad core A76+ quad core A55, Arm high-performance GPU, and built-in NPU with 6T computing power.Have strong visual processing ability, can support structure light, TOF and other fast face unlock schemes;Support rich display interface, up to 8K display processing capacity;With strong expansibility, support PCI 3.0, SATA3.0, double TypeC/USB3.1 and other high-speed interfaces, can do AI computing power, image data processing and other expansion.Apply to ARMPC, high-end tablet, edge computing server, VIRTUAL reality, NVR, 8K TV, etc.The most important is pCI-E and SATA USB3.1 these IO are complete, can “DIY” high performance “pie”, soft routing.Bpi-rk3588 with Rockchip RK3588 main hardware specifications: BPI-RK3588 development kit (core board + baseboard) :Banana Pi BPI-RK3588 development board kit core board gold needle interface leads to the RK3588 all IO definition, can support RK3588 all definition interface, can be easily modified to support the application you want.Flexible online Wiki development documentation for various customizations :