Washington can’t hide it!Japan’s high-profile disclosure of US military secrets, encouraging China to act?

2022-05-02 0 By

An American F-35C crashed in the South China Sea not long ago and has yet to be salvaged.The MEDIA reported that the U.S. has sent a large number of reconnaissance planes to patrol the waters around the accident area in order to prevent China from salvaging the waters.Japan, an ally of the United States, recently released a message that added to American concern, “inadvertently” revealing the location of the crash, making it clear where the plane had gone down.Is Japan “doing evil with good intentions” or does it have a hidden agenda?After the plane crashed into the sea, the United States has been concerned that China knew the exact location of the plane and scrambled to recover it, leading to the disclosure of military secrets.U.S. salvage vessels are racing to the site, but in the meantime, the United States is still worried about China running out of time.China has long made it clear that it is not interested in the F-35C because its technology is no longer attractive to China.But even though China has repeatedly stressed that the U.S. is still worried about its secrets, China does have the capability.Then.Why would Japan disclose the crash site of the US military? In fact, As an ally of the US, Japan must know what level of secrecy the F-35C is for the US military. Such secrecy must involve the core technology of the US.However, The Japanese media “accidentally” revealed the crash site, which was actually intended to “tip off” China, the United States’ rival.If the plane was salvaged by a country other than the US, Japan would be the culprit, but us military secrets would also be exposed.Therefore, Japan must have an ulterior motive for deliberately leaking us military secrets.For a long time, Japan has been in a relatively passive position in its alliance with the United States, and a conflict between China and the United States would undoubtedly benefit Japan.In the event of a direct conflict between China and the US, The US’s dominant position will be weakened and China will be distracted to fight the US, which will benefit Japan.Including on the Taiwan Straits issue, Japan has been clamoring and even threatening to use military force to maintain regional stability.It shows that Japan is supporting the United States and cooperating with the United States’ action against China.In fact, Japan is also using the Taiwan Strait issue to fan the flames of China-Us relations, hoping that both countries will lose in confrontation.Therefore, Japan deliberately leaked the crash site of the US military, but also want to encourage China to salvage.But China will not easily fall into Japan’s trap. After all, it is not worth raising tensions between China and the United States over a tiny fighter jet.However, if the wreckage of the US aircraft is accidentally salvaged by Chinese fishermen, it is still possible to “sell scrap iron” for cash.After all, an American plane crashed in Chinese waters, and Chinese people have the right to dispose of their garbage in the sea.Some sources refer to: People’s Information