2000 anti-tank missiles arrived!Ukraine was riding high when America poured cold water on it

2022-05-03 0 By

Many countries, including the US, The UK, Canada and Australia, have started to provide various kinds of aid to Ukraine since the tension between Russia and Ukraine heated up and Western countries, led by the US, frequently played up Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, the Global Times reported.In the past, many countries have supplied Ukraine with soldiers, guns, missiles and various weapons.Over time, Britain has now delivered 2,000 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.Surprisingly, while the Ukrainian government was still quietly rejoicing at the arrival of anti-tank missiles, the US media jumped on the bandwagon and poured cold water on Kiev.Could British missiles help Ukraine?Us media analysis related news pointed out that the Us Forbes website recently published an article entitled “Britain airlifted 2,000 NLAW anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, did it work?”Examined whether British arms supplies to Ukraine would actually help Kiev.From January 17 to 19, c-17 transport planes from the British Royal Air Force’s 99th Squadron in Britz NORTON suddenly made frequent trips to and from Ukraine.Footage shows the British planes unloading up to 10 pallets in Ukraine, all carrying 18 portable anti-tank missile weapons.The missiles, described as “next Generation Light anti-tank weapons”, are part of Britain’s “defensive aid” to Ukraine, which it believes could be invaded by Russia at any time.”The British military has also sent 30 paratroopers to train Ukrainian forces to operate NLAW missiles, so that Ukrainian forces are ready to respond to any threat,” the us media added.Interestingly, after describing the British government’s efforts to provide so-called defensive aid to Ukraine, the US media immediately turned the tables and poured cold water on the UK’s weapons supplies to Ukraine.While the NLAW missile has a range of 400 meters against a moving target, the newer NLAW missile has also been upgraded with guidance software to achieve an accurate range of 800 meters, the U.S. media noted.The NLAW missile also has more range and accuracy than the RPG or LAW, but in reality it is still not as powerful as the ATGM.In addition, Russia has changed tactics. Its military now advocates “non-contact warfare”, using drone-backed artillery to destroy enemy forces from a distance.So if Russia were to use artillery to launch a long-range attack on Ukraine, Ukraine would not have enough weapons to respond.In other words, the missiles that Britain supplied to Ukraine had certain flaws.It is worth noting that, in addition to the use of “non-contact warfare,” the Russian military has actually devised strategies for the potential emergence of heavily defended Ukrainian cities.Russia has many problems and many aspects to consider in the war.Ukraine, on the other hand, needs to make up for its weakness in front of Russia through multiple efforts.