Champions League!Final with two shots to break 100, Ding Junhui 2-3 narrowly lost to Higgins out of the winner’s group!

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China’s Ding Junhui hit two shots to break 100 and lost 3-2 to John Higgins in the winners’ group 7 of the Snooker Championship on Sunday.Group 7 is a highly competitive group, known as the “Group of Death” by fans. The seven players are Ronnie O ‘Sullivan, John Higgins, Karen Wilson, Ding Junhui, Ricky Walton, Ali Carter and Martin Gould.In the group stage, Ding junhui won 3-3 in 6 games and entered the knockout stage with the fourth place in the group.Ding lost to Karen Wilson, O ‘Sullivan and John Higgins in six group matches.Fans’ favourite Ronnie O ‘Sullivan struggled to reach the knockout stages with two wins and four defeats for fifth place in the group.The four players who advanced to the knockout round were Ali Carter, John Higgins, Ding Junhui and Karen Wilson.Elimination semifinals, Ding Junhui meet Ali Kat.Aricat got off to a flying start with a 65 before Ding scored 127 and 63 in two straight frames to take match points.The fourth set was very tangled, Ding junhui lost 35-69 into the decider.Aricat took the lead, but a mistake in the middle, Ding junhui seized the opportunity to single 70 points to seal the victory and advance to the final.In the other match, John Higgins lost a set to beat Karen Wilson in three games to meet Ding Junhui in the final.The final is still best of five.Opening Higgins is very strong, hand single pole 134 points break 100 platform to get off to a good start.The second round did not show weak single stroke 101 points break 100 also with color.Higgins took match point in the third game with a 69-48 victory.In the fourth set ding broke 100 with 131 points to win the match again into a decider.In the fifth set, the two men played very fierce, both sides fell into attack and defense for many times, piecematic, and finally Higgins 69 to 50 locked the game to beat Ding Junhui 3 to 2 to advance to the winner’s group.Congrats Higgins!The snooker!Ding Junhui’s success, how much influence?