If you don’t get a first in school, a’s in your job, or happiness in your life, you’re a failure?

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People alive, is it necessary to be better than others?In every Olympic Games, we always pay attention to who won the gold medal and who won the first place, but few people pay attention to who won the fourth and fifth place.Indeed, in the world of athletics, it seems that all but the first place winners are losers.This reminds me of what my Chinese teacher said in high school. In fact, it is not bad to be ranked 11th.When we were in high school, every time we took a practice test, our scores were ranked.In this way, it seems, everyone’s potential can be maximized.However, such consequences, give people a lot of pressure.Our Chinese teacher is not a performance-oriented person, after a mock exam, we did not do very well.He made a conscious effort to reassure everyone that he couldn’t remember much of what he said.The only thing I remember him saying is: 11th is not bad.At that time, being in the top 10 of your class was a pretty good ranking and said you were good.But why would 11th be good? I was a little confused.Years later, remembering his words, I understood it this way: Being 11th means you are better than many people, which in itself is a good result.Although not in the top 10, but very close, as long as continue to work hard, maybe the next chance to break into the top 10.In fact, no. 11 is a rearguard action ranking.In today’s society, many people are under a lot of pressure.Buying a house, buying a car, getting married, having a baby, getting a promotion, getting a raise and so on. For many people, struggling in the society may and often will face a very embarrassed state.Just as the saying goes: no one ever got a first in school, no one ever got an A in work, no one ever lived a happy life.Is such a life a failure?In fact, many people are mediocre life.Compared with successful people, you are nothing, nothing can be made of.This is actually your eyes staring straight ahead.In fact, many of us are at number 11.You may not be at the top of your class, but your classmates are good.Maybe you are just an ordinary worker, but you have a wife and a happy family.That is to say, in front of secular success, you are not successful, but you have a lot of things that others do not have, the so-called insufficient, more than the next, but you see often is their lack of.We hang on because there are people who need us.Maybe your job is mediocre, you are not good at work, but you are your parents’ children, their children’s parents.These roles are more important than your failed worker.Keep at it, and soon enough, you’ll jump from 11th place to the coveted number one.