The Beijing Winter Olympics cut emissions by nearly one million tons

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Walking into the main entrance of the National Speed Skating Stadium, known as the “ice ribbon”, a dark blue, eye-catching big screen is presented in front of the reporters. It is the Panoramic intelligent control of carbon emissions and the Carbon Universal Cloud platform of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The platform is divided into several business segments, such as man-machine and object monitoring, carbon emission prediction, carbon emission control and carbon inclusive interaction.The magic is that it visualises the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the venue, monitored in real time, in front of the big screen.At the same time, it can track the change of carbon emissions and emission reduction in real time according to the level of activities related to venue operation, and predict the additional carbon emissions of venues during the Beijing Winter Olympics.With this platform, we can calculate the carbon emission of the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to relevant estimates, just take the speed skating stadium as an example, it has contributed 92,000 tons of emission reduction during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. What is the concept of 92,000 tons?If you think about it, 92,000 tons is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by nearly 9.2 million trees in a year, so having made such a big contribution to reducing carbon emissions, Ice Ribbon can use the remaining emissions to come up with a carbon-neutral regulation scheme,Finally for the Beijing Winter Olympics in the realization of carbon neutrality to deliver a satisfactory answer for China, but also for the world.Beijing institute of technology in energy and environmental policy research center, deputy director of the Yu Biying said, according to the project team for all the games venues in Beijing calculates total more than 30 low carbon measures and techniques, the result of the Beijing Olympics 1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions are close to, using the above way of conversion, you can know what is behind the digital content.In addition, in the lower right corner of this screen, we also see a “carbon benefits” professional section.The goal of this section is to mobilize the whole people to participate in the green Olympics to reduce carbon emissions.All anyone has to do is download a small program called “Race Carbon” on their mobile phone and upload everything they know about their food, clothing, housing and transportation to the platform, and the system will automatically calculate how much carbon you have saved today.Display screen and the system can also be the top 10 a day, and overall rank of netizens name show on the screen, to tell the public, in fact carbon emissions is closely related to each of us, we had each can be a green life practitioners, both for the Beijing games contribute an own green power.To the northwest of the National Speed Skating Stadium is an independent zero-carbon demonstration building: zero-carbon Hut.As a temporary building for the National Speed Skating Stadium, the zero-carbon cabin will provide ticketing service during the event.The reason why it is called zero-carbon hut is that the scenery storage and clean energy creation system it is equipped with can meet the self-supply of energy. The zero-carbon intelligent control platform it has can also realize the full intelligent control of the electrical system of the hut to ensure the carbon neutral effect in the operation of the building.North institute of technology, project team members said, low carbon will evaluate the Beijing Olympics games are monitoring items of the linkage development of beijing-tianjin-hebei economic and social environment to promote effect, the final winter Olympics carbon-neutral realizes the paths and scheme is put forward, and thus form the Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympics low-carbon solutions and achievements of low carbon global promotion plan,To demonstrate to the world the contribution of low-carbon action and emission reduction of Beijing Winter Olympics to the economic development of the host region.The National Speed Skating Stadium also hopes to establish a set of carbon emission monitoring and measurement standards through the result of such a project, so as to provide other domestic and international sports events with Chinese experience, Chinese plan and Chinese practice in the field of carbon emission.Copyright notice: The text belongs to Beijing News Group. All rights reserved.