The price of intensively collected medicines has been cut by 50% on average. What “sense of gain” will we have this year?

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After intensive harvesting, the average price of cardiac stent decreased from 13,000 yuan to 700 yuan.Imatinib mesylate tablets, the domestic version of Gleevec in Dying to Survive, are cheaper than those made in India…In recent years, the reform of centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables has been promoted.Up to now, six batches of national centralized drug procurement have been carried out, totaling 234 kinds of drugs, with an average price reduction of 53%. The procurement amount accounts for 30% of the total annual drug procurement of public medical institutions.Will falling prices affect drug quality?What other high-priced drugs and consumables can be “shortlisted” for collective procurement?What “sense of gain” will the common people have this year?Officials from the National Medical Insurance Administration and related departments responded to a regular state Council policy briefing on the progress of the reform of centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables in bulk held on February 11, which focused on a number of hot issues of public concern and expectation.The price does not drop the quality of long-term use of antihypertensive, lipids and hypoglycemic drugs Wang Chen to the reporter calculated an account: before the collection of drugs, he took lipids 6 yuan per piece, is taking the collection of drugs 0.2 yuan per piece, 4 drugs add up before the monthly need for 500 yuan or so, now as long as 110 yuan.The price was lowered, but he also told reporters that he wondered: Could the effect be the same with such a price difference?This is a common question for many people.The quality and safety of selected drugs and high-value medical consumables have always been the focus of public concern and discussion.”Since the successful bidder won the bid, drug prices have dropped by about 50 percent, which is actually a replacement for the previous high sales costs.”Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Healthcare Security Administration, said that the combination of procurement with quantity and recruitment has transformed enterprises from running privately in hospitals and pharmacies to face to face competition on quality and price.According to the reporter, while the price is falling, the quality of drugs and consumables is not falling, but the trend of improvement.Take heart stents for example. Data from the National Medical Insurance Administration show that one-third of stent products used to be made of stainless steel. Now, 95% of the products selected are made of chromium alloy.”We always make quality supervision of selected products from collective collection a top priority.”Li Maozhong, head of the Department of Drug Supervision and administration of the National Medical Products Administration, said, for example, the government will promote the establishment of an information system for drug variety files, and share basic information such as drug production technology and quality standards with provincial drug supervision and administration departments to improve the targeted supervision and inspection.At the same time, traceability management will be carried out for selected drugs in collective procurement, and the whole process of traceability will be gradually realized after drugs are put on the market.”So far, according to the results of product sampling and adverse reaction monitoring, no quality abnormalities have been found in the varieties selected in the national collective collection.”Li Maozhong said.”Kind mouth tooth to buy a suite” when the end “kind a tooth to buy a suite in the county” times, is coming to an end?Last year, high-value medical consumables collection focused on cardiology and orthopedics, the two most concerned areas of the masses.Heart stents fell by an average of 93 percent, and artificial hips and knees by an average of 82 percent, according to data presented at the briefing.The centralized procurement of cardiac stents has been running smoothly for one year, with a total of 1.69 million stents selected, 1.6 times of the annual agreed procurement volume.This year, the collection of high-value medical consumables will focus on orthopedic consumables, drug balloons, dental implants and other varieties.”Strive to make the variety of high-value medical supplies more than 5, become the new normal of collective procurement.”Chen Jinfu said.Drug balloon is an important consumable material in cardiology department.Reporters noted that the heart stent into the collective harvest after a period of time, drug balloon usage rose substantially.”Because it is not included in the collective harvest, there is an inflated component.Last year, we started collecting drugs with balloon in Jiangsu and other places. This year, we will expand it to the whole country to stop the room for inflated prices.”Chen Jinfu said.Dental implant is an important way to repair missing teeth. The advantages of good chewing effect and high service life make dental implant favored by patients.But the high price is often daunting.Last year, Sichuan organized an inter-provincial alliance to collect information on some high-value dental consumables.This makes many patients see the hope of lower prices for dental implants.”We aim to introduce the reform of local alliance for dental implant collection in the first half of this year, which is a new way of collective collection.”In the future, collective procurement rules will continue to be innovated to meet both product quality requirements and clinical needs, and to enable enterprises and patients to share the results of reform.”Chen Jinfu said.In recent years, the reform of centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables has been promoted.The cumulative results of the reform over the past three years show that the state has saved more than 260 billion yuan in centralized procurement.”In terms of the results achieved, the rules of collective production are constantly optimized, quality supervision is more rigorous, supply guarantee is more stable, and use policies are more perfect, showing a general trend of ‘price reduction, quantity increase, and quality’.”Chen jinfu said that national organization and alliance procurement has formed a normal pattern, and the guarantee mechanism and supporting policies of collective procurement bidding regulation, quality, supply, distribution and use are increasingly perfect and optimized.In the future, how to promote the speed and expansion of drugs and high-value medical supplies, so that people can enjoy more low-cost good drugs?”Three areas of full coverage, no luck with gold sales of living space.”Chen Jinfu said that the special purchase of insulin has been carried out in 2021, and the collective purchase has been expanded from chemical drugs to biological drugs for the first time. In the future, it will be carried out in the three fields of chemical drugs, Chinese patent drugs and biological drugs.It is understood that at present, the National Medical Insurance Administration is planning the seventh batch of centralized drug procurement, striving to achieve an average coverage of more than 350 drug varieties in each province by the end of 2022 through national organization and provincial alliance procurement, and more than 5 high-value medical supplies varieties.Source: Worker’s Daily, reporter: Zhang Jing