The world’s most expensive 5 electric motorcycle inventory: performance is off the charts, the most expensive one nearly 600,000 yuan

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If you were asked the most expensive price of an electric car, what number would you have in mind?Five thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand?In fact, these are pediatric, today, to give you a summary of the world’s most expensive 5 electric motorcycles, not only has the performance of the sky, and the price is enough to explode, the most expensive one is close to 600,000.Electric vehicles used to be a grassroots industry, but with the development of The Times and social needs, electric vehicles are more and more attention.So now not only fuel motorcycle, and electric motorcycle will become the mainstream, and even some electric motorcycle can be called heaven, the following five electric motorcycle not only performance lift most fuel motorcycle, and the price is also rolling, expensive to outrageous.In order to further pursue high-end chemical motorcycle, Suke launched CT Titan series, equipped with 18000W high-power mid-mounted motor, peak torque 71N. M, power comparable to 250cc fuel motorcycle.The on-chain FOC intelligent vector controller activates efficient power output with a top speed of 125 km/h.The battery comes in three series, with a range of up to 180 kilometers.In the past, BMW’s concept cars have been avant-garde, many of them difficult to mass-produce, but the Definition CE 04 looks ready for mass production with its launch at the end of 2020.With a 31KW water-cooled permanent magnet motor, 0-50km/h acceleration takes 2.6s, a top design speed of 120km/h and a maximum range of 130km /h, performance is still a bit of a stretch for that price, but buyers don’t care.Harley Davidson is a motorcycle that many people are familiar with. It has a history of 100 years in the United States. It is Schwarzenegger’s exclusive car in terminator II, and has influenced a generation of motorcycle friends.This harley-davidson is an electric motorcycle, with a mechanical body, overall muscle strength, tough appearance, carrying 74 horsepower motor, a top speed of 153km/h, a maximum range of 225 km.This big guy, can’t ride out of the terminator!Johammer J1 is a car that has been released for a long time, but it has a unique appearance.Designed by Austrian manufacturer Johammer, the “Snail” is equipped with a 12.7kwh battery pack with a range of 200km.In 2014, the car dare to design such a look, is really ahead of its time, the price is also very good.Da Vinci DC Classic price: 577,700 yuanKan review:As the first domestic electric motorcycle machine, The price of Duffen riding DC100 is as high as 177,700 yuan. At the same time, it also launched another hand-made version of DC Classic with global limited quantity. The price of 1000cc fuel motorcycle is as high as 577,700 yuan.That’s more than five times the price of the BMW Definition CE 04 premium.But this kind of electric motorcycle looks very cool, but whether it will jump ticket is still unknown.Talk about the above five electric motorcycle, can only be used to take stock, kan do not recommend, because the price is not our employees can covet.We look at these cars have a good addiction, the reality if you want to buy electric motorcycle or choose domestic two-wheel car brand, five thousand to ten thousand can buy a good car to buy vegetables.If you have any views on the above five electric motorcycles, welcome to pay attention to the comments and discuss together!